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Use Superboot Tool To Root HTC One X Running Android 4.0 ICS


Despite the fact that the ICS hasn’t finally been released, there are some devices that are currently running official Android 4.0 ICS, like Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, One V and by following the instructions listed in this article you will learn to root the HTC One X, even before the device’s release date.

Android ICS 4.0 has been announced in late 2011 and from next month on, it will be featured on numerous devices such as HTC One X. At the moment there are very few models that are running Android’s brand new official OS, while there are numerous others that are working on custom ROM’s of ICS and here you can learn that an application is capable of rooting the HTC One X from the first boot so that you will know what

One X will be launched in April for UK, while the release date for the United States has been set for summer 2012. In order to successfully root this device you will need to use the newly released SuperBoot utility that needs the SU and the superuser app installed. The Superboot tool is a small script that should work with any One X smartphone with the S-OFF and is equipped with the HTCdev unlocked bootloader.

Rooting a device before this being launched, means that the Android developers moved really fast by creating a guide that actually managed to root the HTC One X smartphone by customizing its stock Android 4.0 ICS using a small script called Superboot. Now that you know all this, I think that you can move on to the tutorial guide. Please note that the instructions listed here will work on Mac, Linux and Windows computers.

How to root HTC One X with Superboot utility:

  1. First, download Superboot utility zip package and save it on your computer’s desktop screen.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file in a known location.
  3. Switch off the device, as we will need to restart it in bootloader mode. Connect it to your computer.
  4. Boot the HTC One X in bootloader mode by pressing the volume down and Power ON buttons.
  5. When the bootloader mode has been successfully launched, you will need to perform the action specific to your OS. Find the instructions below:
  • For Windows users: Find the folder where you’ve stored the zip contents and then you need to double click on the files that says: install-superboot-windows.bat.
  • For Mac users: Open the Terminal app and use the commands until you reach the contents of the Superboot contents folder and type the following command line: chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh ./install-superboot-mac.sh
  • For Linux users: Open Terminal and go to the folder containing the Superboot files, then enter the following line: chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh ./install-superboot-linux.sh.

This was the last step you had to take in order to successfully root the HTC One X device. Make sure to let us know in the comments if these tricks worked  for your device when the ONE X finally gets launched.

Please note that Superboot has been classified as insecure because it permits Android users to use adb remount and get complete ADB root access for HTC One X which will be the main problem until someone manages to create a fastboot flash, rather than this flashboot boot. Sometime after this new HTC device gets released someone should create and launch a better root that will give you full power over it and with it you will be able to install any custom ROM you like and edit all your phones functions and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich features.

Use the comments section to post all your questions related to the ‘how to root HTC One X using Superboot utility’ guide listed above.

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