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Root and Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus Dual Sim P698

The LG Optimus P698, also known as Net Dual P698, is well known and appreciated for its dual SIM capabilities though its specs are not that impressive. Furthermore, the phone is actually a budget friendly one that has to offer low range performances, but we will discuss more about this a little bit later. All you need to know so far is that you can easily power up its capabilities and the best way to start this is by learning how to root and install ClockworkMod Recovery on your LG Optimus Dual Sim P698 Android powered device.

First you will have to gain root access, which is required for being able to flash a custom recovery image into the system. Then as soon as you manage to install ClockworkMod Recovery, you can look forward in performing more complicated operations like getting a custom ROM, or updating the OS with custom, unofficial and beta firmware. Currently the Optimus Dual Sim P698 is running the Android Gingerbread software, but upgrading to ICS should not be a problem for you; at least not after you succeed with this step by step guide.

As already mentioned, the LG P698 is a regular smartphone, with nothing to impress. Its specs are decent ones though don’t expect to enjoy high performances from them. An 800 MHz ARMv6 processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 3.15 MP rear facing camera, a 3.2 inch TFT display and the Gingerbread OS being all you get. But, the dual SIM capability should be what counts on this device. Anyway, if you still want to receive more from your phone, you must make through this tutorial. Gaining root access and install the ClockworkMod Recovery image are not an option for you.

Take notice that once you root the LG Optimus Dual Sim P698, the warranty will be lost. In case you damage the system, you will be on your own; there is nobody to help you out. This is maybe the only inconvenience when it comes to the rooting procedure. Anyway, you can still restore the warranty but only if you choose to relock the bootloader.

Also, you will have to backup the data saved on the phone’s internal storage memory. A full wipe will be required meaning that all the info (messages, contacts, Market apps, and so on) will be erased. After getting ClockworkMod Recovery you will be able to perform easier and safer backups; also backing up the ROM will not be a problem for you. But, until then you can use our recent guides:

Then, you must make the following tasks. Without completing them you will not be able to apply what is presented in this how to guide, so don’t ignore these Pre Requisites:

  • Make sure that the phone has minimum 60% battery power left.
  • Deactivate the antivirus tools installed on the computer or on the smartphone.
  • Enable USB debugging in your Net Dual P698. Disconnect it from the computer when trying to enable the up mentioned option: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.

Now, as you can tell, the guide will be divided in two sections. First of all follow the root one as you can’t install a recovery image if you have an unrooted device. Do all exactly as described in the steps.

How to root LG Optimus Dual Sim P698

  1. Download the Unlock Root file from here and place it to your computer.
  2. Install the same.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Then, connect the phone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  5. Click on the Root button displayed on the Unlock Root window.
  6. Wait until the process is over and then choose whether to install the battery saver tool.
  7. That’s was our easiest way to root the LG Dual SIM.
  8. Go to the next section and follow the steps from there.

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus Dual Sim P698

  1. Download the Recovery package (download link here) along with the GScript Lite app, which can be found on Google Play Store, just search for it.
  2. Install the GScript Lite app on your phone.
  3. Then connect it to the computer.
  4. Copy the recovery file downloaded in step 1 from the PC into your device.
  5. Open GScript Lite.
  6. Select the menu button for selecting the file.
  7. Choose “Load file” and select the “recovery_by_snegovik.sh.” file.
  8. Wait until the process finishes.
  9. Disconnect the handset from the computer.

So, that’s pretty all. Now you should have a rooted LG Optimus Dual Sim P698 with the ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image installed into the system. You can now enter in the recovery mode and see what options you can perform. Make a backup, “play” with the features and then go and install a custom ROM on your phone for updating its OS. Stay close as we will bring an update suitable for your smartphone soon. Also share your thoughts, or impressions with us by using the comments are from below.