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Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 N900P

If you want to update your Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a custom ROM firmware, then you will notice that root access must be gained and also that a custom recovery image must be installed on your phablet. Well, of course, then you will be searching for compatible operations that can be used for rooting and installing a custom recovery on your Galaxy Note 3 N900P. But why not to use a tutorial that can do both at the same time? Well, if that sounds good for you, then use this dedicated step by step guide and learn how to root and install TWRP recovery on your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 N900P.

Follow all the guidelines from this tutorial because rooting and installing TWRP recovery is not official. Furthermore, if you mess things up, or if you decide to apply things without consulting my explanations, you can end up in damaging the system of your GN 3 or worst you can end up in bricking your phablet. So, if you want to avoid the unpleasant situations and for safely completing the present tutorial, just stick to the lines from below.

The first thing to know when dealing with such operations is that the warranty of your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 will get void. This aspect can’t be tricked as by gaining root access you are removing the factory restrictions; therefore gaining root access and flashing TWRP recovery are both unofficial procedures that will increase the binary flash of your Galaxy Note 3 N900P. Usually the warranty can be easily restored by downgrading the Android device to stock Android OS or by updating with an official Android firmware; but until now the Galaxy Note 3 warranty can’t be restored as there is no way for doing the same. Don’t worry though as third party devs are working into resolving this problem.

Good; so what do we know so far? Well the first thing is that by using this guide you can learn how to root and install TWRP recovery on the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Then, it is also clear that by completing the next steps the warranty will get void and currently there is now method that can be used for restoring the same. Perfect, but you might be asking yourselves why to root in the first place, since the root access is implying several risks.

In order to help you decide, here is what you should know. By gaining root access you will also gain access to the internal system of your smartphone. That means you can remove in built programs, install custom apps, flash custom recovery images, update with custom ROMs, add new features and capabilities, perform custom operations (like maintenance, optimization and customization procedures) and also tweak your phablet for improving the speeds, the performances and the battery power.

As you can see, it will be a lost not to root, so I do recommend you to complete this tutorial especially if you want to use your Sprint Note 3 on full power. Now, regarding the custom recovery image, the same is usually required when trying to flash a custom ROM software. Basically, TWRP recovery, like any other custom recovery, offers you a user interface from which you can interact with the system of your GN 3. The options offered by TWRP recovery can be used for installing a .zip file from the SD card, for clearing the cache and wiping the data, for making a Nandroid backup and lot more.

TWRP recovery is actually the touch version of the CWM recovery, which is one of the most used custom recovery by the Android users as the tool is compatible with almost all the smartphones and tablets available on the market.

If I have convinced you to complete this step by step guide, then before heading to the proper steps, take your time and apply the following pre requisites.

  • Your device must be charged in order not to be turned off during the installation procedure from below. If your phablet gets turned off, then its system might get damaged.
  • So, if the battery level is lower than 50% power, don’t hesitate and plug in the charger.
  • A Windows running computer, your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 and its USB cable are being required.
  • On the computer there shouldn’t be running any security tools; the antivirus programs might interfere with the root operation and we don’t want that to happen. So, deactivate or disable the security protection from the same if there is one.
  • On your phablet go to “menu -> settings -> developer options” and enable the USB debugging option because your will have to connect your Note 3 with your computer.
  • Ensure that you are applying this guide only for rooting and installing TWRP recovery on the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – model number N900P.
  • Backup the data from your phablet as it might get wiped out or corrupted during the process from below. Use suitable backup and restore tools from Google Play – don’t worry as most of the apps are free distributed.

How to Root Sprint Galaxy Note 3 N900P

  1. On your computer download: the root package – from here, Odin and Samsung KIES.
  2. Save all the files on desktop.
  3. Then, unzip the root package, Odin and install Samsung KIES.
  4. Use Samsung KIES for installing the GN 3 drivers on your computer.
  5. Install Odin on your PC and in the end run the same.
  6. Turn off your Sprint SGN 3 and wait a few seconds before going any further.
  7. Press power, volume down and home buttons together until download mode is being displayed.
  8. Connect your phablet with the computer via USB cable.
  9. Then, if on Odin you see the “added” message displayed (ID:COM section must be yellow or blue) you can proceed to the next step; if not, unplug the USB cable, close Odin and reflash the Note 3 drivers. Then repeat the steps from above.
  10. From Odin now click on “PDA” and pick the root file from desktop.
  11. Don’t change the default settings from Odin; click on “start”.
  12. Wait while the process is running; it will be over when the “pass” message will be displayed and when the ID:COM section will turn green.
  13. Unplug the USB cord and reboot your smartphone.
  14. Enjoy.

How to Install TWRP recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900P

  1. Download the recovery file – from here – on your computer; place it on desktop.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Odin must be installed on your PC where the GN 3 drivers must be installed.
  4. Use the steps from above and when clicking on “PDA” choose the TWRP recovery file from desktop instead of picking the root package.
  5. Click on “start”.
  6. When it is over, unplug the USB cable and reboot your handset.

That’s perfect; you have successfully completed our step by step guide. Congratulations, your Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900P has been rooted and installed with TWRP recovery, which means that now you can easily update your phablet with a custom ROM firmware. Good job, but don’t forget to share your experience and thoughts with us and with other users too.