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How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile LG G3

Do you want to root and install a custom recovery image on your T-Mobile LG G3? Well, if you are interested in using a one-click root and installer method, you are in the right place. A new root solution that will automatically flash TWRP recovery has been made available for your T-Mobile LG G3 and during the following guidelines we will be checking on how to use the same. This tutorial can be easily completed, even by a newbie who is on his first root experience, so you have nothing to worry about.

Why you need to ensure root access on your LG G3? Well, if you are an advanced Android user who wants to customize and optimize his Android device, or if you just want to play with the internal system of your T-Mobile LG G3, ensuring root access is a must. Basically this is the first operation to complete when owning an Android powered smartphone or tablet because the root access will also provide access to the Android system. Thus, after unlocking your device you will be able to perform various custom operations and you will be able to turn your smartphone into your new playground.

On the other hand, a custom recovery image will be used for managing the internal system with ease. So, basically replacing the stock recovery image, which comes pre installed on any Android device, will be required after ensuring root access. In our case, you will be able to install TWRP recovery on your T-Mobile LG G3, this recovery image being quite popular among various Android users. TWRP recovery is based on CWM recovery and brings a better an easier to use UI along with touch capabilities which are replacing the classic hardware access.

Both operations, rooting and flashing TWRP recovery, are unofficial ones. So this tutorial has nothing to do with T-Mobile or with Google. Therefore, by completing the guidelines from below you will also perform different changes within the internal system of your LG G3. Well, due to same reasons the T-Mobile warranty will get void – basically because you will remove the factory and default restrictions from your LG G3. That means, if something wrong happens, you will have to pay for the technical assistance when taking your phone back to service.

A backup operation is highly recommended. You should save your data before going any further as you can lose everything that’s located on the internal storage memory during the root process from below. Mainly, you should take care of your personal data, info and accounts including your contacts list, call logs, market apps, text messages, internet settings, images, videos or audio files. In that matter I recommend you to use dedicated backup and restore apps from Google Play or a cloud service.

In order to safely complete the guidelines from below, you need to use a computer; there you will have to save the required files – you have the download links below. For avoiding unpleasant situations from happening, on your computer deactivate – only temporarily – the antivirus and any other security protection. Then, head your attention towards your LG G3, where you need to enable USB debugging option – you can achieve so, by going to the following path: “menu – settings – developer options”. Also, on your smartphone check the battery status; it will be important to charge your device if you notice that there is less than 50% power left (your device might get bricked if it gets turned off during the root process).

Rooting and installing TWRP recovery on the LG G3 by using this step by step guide is possible only if you own the T-Mobile version of the mentioned smartphone – else you can end up in damaging your Android device, so try not to mess things up.

How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile LG G3

  1. On your computer download and install the LG G3 USB drivers – use the link from here in that matter.
  2. Also, on your computer download the root tool from this page.
  3. Unzip the root package and install the program by following the on screen prompts.
  4. Run the PurpleDrake tool and when you see the pop up window connect your LG G3 with your computer – use the USB cord for establishing the mentioned connection.
  5. Press enter on your keyboard and launch the scripts on the root program.
  6. Your device will be automatically rooted.
  7. In the end you will be asked whether to install TWRP recovery or to skip the flashing operation.
  8. If you want, at that point you can flash a custom recovery image on your T-Mobile LG G3.
  9. Wait while the installation process completes and in the end unplug the USB cable and reboot your device.
  10. If your handset will get stuck in a boot loop, enter it in recovery mode and from there select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. In the end from main menu of recovery pick “reboot system now” and you are done.

Congratulations; you have successfully rooted and installed TWRP recovery on your T-Mobile LG G3. You can now consider in performing other custom operations on your device and you can start by updating your LG G3 with a custom ROM firmware, such as CM11, AOKP or ParanoidAndroid. Also, you can remove the bloatware, overclock the CPU, optimize the performances, customize the looks, install custom apps or install a custom kernel – feel free to try each process you want.

Also, in the end, don’t forget about us and share your experience with our team by using the comments field from below.

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