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Root Amazon Kindle Fire, Install TWRP Custom Recovery using Kindle Fire Utility

Root Kindle Fire with KF Utility

Amazon Kindle Fire can easily be rooted now using the Kindle Fire Utility. This is the tutorial guide you have to use and you should know that this root will also install the Team Win Recovery Projest (TWRP). All the steps you have to take are listed in this article and you should make sure that you respect all of them.

The Kindle Fire Utility has been created by Vashypooh, an xda developer, and his tool will allow you to root your Kindle Fire using BurritoRoot and it will also install TWRP custom recovery. With the TWRP you will be able to install CM9 or AOKP based custom ROMs that will improve your overall Kindle Fire experience. Before you can start applying the ROOT, you will have to backup all the data that you have currently stored on your Kindle Fire device.

How to root Amazon Kindle Fire and install TWRP recovery with Kindle Fire Utility:

  1. Download the Kindle Fire Utility from here.
  2. Extract the tool’s files using 7 zip, WinRar or WinZip in a single folder.
  3. Now you need to double click on the ‘install_drivers’ .bat file. This will install the Kindle Fire USB drivers.
  4. Next, connect your device to your PC using the USB cable connection.
  5. Go back to the unzipped folder and double click the ‘Run’ .bat file. The Kindle Fire Utility app will launch and the ADB Status will be set to online.
  6. To root the device you need to select the option that says ‘install permanent root with superuser’. Press the ‘3’ key to complete this step.
  7. To install TWRP recovery you need to select ‘install latest TWRP Recovery’.
  8. When both, root and twrp recovery, installation processes have been completed you need to choose ‘boot mode’ by pressing the ‘1’ button.
  9. Next, press ‘1’ again to select ‘normal’ and your Kindle Fire will boot normally. That’s it, now your device should be rooted.

In case your device cannot boot and gets stuck when an yellow triangle appears, then you will have to select ‘boot normal’ in KF utility and wait for it to act, after that press and hold ‘Power’ for 20 seconds until the device is switched off. When it is completely switched off you will need to power it back on and now it should boot correctly.

Also, remember that in case your device gets stuck at the yellow triangle then you shouldn’t unplug it, instead leave it plugged it and make sure that the Windows drivers display the ‘kindle’ text.

Now that you’ve successfully rooted your Kindle Fire and installed the TWRP Recovery, it means that you’re ready to install new custom ROMs. Remember to install the Google Play Store and other rooted Android apps that you will need to better control your Kindle Fire device. If you have any extra questions, then you can use the comments field and ask for our help.

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