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How to Easily Root LG G Watch

Having a smartwatch is great especially since you can use this accessory for completing daily tasks such as checking emails, logging into Facebook or other social media platform, searching the web and lot more. Well, all these operations can be anytime performed on your LG G Watch. But, what would you say if I tell you that you can make your G Watch perform better, faster and smoother? I bet that you would want to find out more; so, if I have managed to arouse your attention, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below as I am about to teach you how to easily and safely root the LG G Watch.

Gaining root access represents a basic operation that can be applied on any Android based device. And as you can see you can apply the same even for a brand new smartwatch like the LG G Watch. Rooting your watch will be similar with rooting your smartphone or tablet; you will first have to unlock its bootloader and then you will have to use a root exploit that is being offered by third party devs. Of course, the purpose is to unlock the system of your device and that’s exactly what you will obtain after completing the present step by step guide.

As mentioned, first we will check how to unlock the LG G Watch bootloader as this is a must in our case – root access can’t be ensured on a looked bootloader. Now, the bootloader represents the small program that is initiated each time you boot or reboot your smartwatch – similar with what we have on a regular computer. Now this small program comes with several restrictions which must be removed if you want to be able to gain root access. Therefore, this is why you have to unlock the LG G Watch bootloder before heading to the root process (don’t worry, you have both operations explained below).

On the other hand, like any other Android device, your LG G Watch comes preinstalled with various in built apps along with factory and default restrictions. In order to improve the performances of your smartwatch, for upgrading its battery life, for updating with a custom ROM or for removing its bloatware you will have to root its system, which means that you will unlock the Android OS. Of course, due to same reasons, both unlocking the bootloader and gaining root access represents unofficial procedures that have nothing to do with LG. Because of that, by completing this guide you will lose the warranty of your Android device.

Now, before heading to the steps from below, you need to take care of some things and also you need to prepare your watch for the root process that will follow. In that matter you must ensure that you can use a Windows powered computer; on the same you have to temporarily (during the root process only) deactivate the security protection because antivirus-like tools might interfere with our work. Also, on your computer Android SDK must be installed – learn how to install Android SDK on Windows. On your LG G Watch you need to enable USB debugging option; also, developer access must be ensured (access “settings” on your device and from there tap “about”; then tap on built number repeatedly until it says you are a developer.).

It must be clear for you that this root operation is compatible only with the LG G Watch and with no other Android based deice. Using this guide for a similar or different handset might brick your device – and since the warranty is void you will have to fix your bricked Android device by yourselves (taking your handset back to service might be quite expensive). Therefore, try not to mess things up and stick to the steps from below all the time.

How to Easily Root LG G Watch

Unlock LG G Watch bootloader

  1. Remember to install Android SDK on your computer.
  2. After completing that operation, on your PC navigate towards “C: > android-sdk > platform-tools”.
  3. From there open a Command Prompt window: press and hold Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space within the mentioned path and select “Open Command Window Here”.
  4. Connect your LG G Watch with your computer via USB cord.
  5. In the cmd window type “adb reboot bootloader” and press enter in the end.
  6. Up next, on the same cmd window enter “fastboot oem unlock” and press enter.

Root LG G Watch

  1. Download the root image from here.
  2. Save the file on your computer, preferable on desktop, without unzipping the same.
  3. Now, on the cmd window from above (your watch should be connected with your computer – see the steps from the unlock bootloader section in that matter) type the following command: “fastboot boot LGGW-rootboot.img”.
  4. When prompted, on your smartwatch choose “always allow”.
  5. Then on the cmd window enter “adb shell”, press enter and then type “su”.
  6. If you see root@dory and a # symbol, you’re all set.

So that’s it; now you know how to easily and safely unlock the bootloader and root your LG G Watch. Now you can consider in updating your watch with an Android based custom ROM firmware and you can also access its internal system for customizing and personalizing the looks and for optimizing and powering of the performances. Do share your experience and your thoughts with us and with our reader by using the comments field from below – if you need help we will assist you as soon as possible.