Root LG G3 (D850/D851/D855) Using One-Click Root Solution

root lg g3

LG G3 received several root solutions by now though so far it seems that all these root methods aren’t compatible with all the G3 models. Now, if you own the LG G3 model number D850, D851 or D855 then you should know that a new one click root solution has been made available for your smartphone. This new PurpleDrake root exploit is provided by those of xda-developers (we should thanks the devs for the same) and provides a quick and safe unlock operation that can be anytime applied for the LG G3 that runs on any version of Android OS.

Unlocking your LG G3 by gaining root access should be the first step to make when trying to use your Android device on full power. Why? Well basically because with root access ensured you can install various custom apps on your LG G3 and you can also perform different unofficial operations in order to spice things up and for customizing the Android OS, or for optimizing and powering up the general performances. These custom operations are including the following processes: removing the bloatware, overclocking the CPU frequency, installing a custom recovery image, flashing a custom ROM firmware (such as CM 11, AOKP or Paranoid Android), applying a custom kernel and so on.

So, all these operations are requiring root access; as you can see, completing this guide is a must especially if you are tired of using the stock Android OS with the default and factory restrictions pre-installed. Basically, that’s why you should use this new one click root solution for unlocking your LG G3 model number D850, D851 or D855.

Of course completing this guide implies in performing an unofficial operation that has nothing to do with LG. Due to the same reason, by applying this tutorial you will void the warranty of your smartphone. So, if you think that you might end up in soft bricking your Android device, maybe the best will be to stop from going any further. Anyway, if you are using the steps from below and if you are properly preparing your LG G3 for the root process, nothing bad will happen and your phone will be in safe hands.

Therefore, before doing anything else you need to make sure that a computer can be used. Then, on your computer you have to temporarily deactivate the antivirus, antimalware and any other security protection program because these tools might interfere with the root operation. You should also charge your phone because if it gets turned off in the middle of the process, it might also get bricked. On the other hand, on your LG G3 you need to enable developer options (go to menu – settings – about phone and tap on built number seven times), check the USB debugging option (once more, go to menu – settings – developer options) and to enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources (head towards menu – settings – security – check Unknown Sources box).

A backup is also recommended because we are dealing with a complex and risky operation – your data might get corrupted or even wiped out during the root process. You should save everything that’s important to you starting with personal info and accounts and ending with more general data such as contacts list, call logs, internet settings, market apps, videos, images or audio files. In that matter you can use compatible backup cloud services or dedicated apps from Google Play. Also, if on your phone a custom recovery image is being installed use the same and make a Nandroid backup.

Do remember that this one click root method is being compatible only with the LG G3 model number D850, D851 or D855. Don’t use the steps from below in case you own a similar or different Android smartphone as you can end up in bricking your device.

How to Root LG G3 (D850/D851/D855) Using One-Click Root Solution

  1. Download the root package from this page.
  2. Save the root file on your computer, preferable on your desktop.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file; you should get three different executable files: purpledrake_windows.bat (for Windows), purpledrake_osx.command (for MAC) and (for Linux).
  4. Connect your LG G3 with your computer – use the USB cable in order to establish the mentioned connection.
  5. From your computer run the purpledrake_windows.bat executable file and follow the on screen prompts in order to root your device.
  6. In the end, remove the USB cord and reboot your handset.

If you encounter problems, such as a boot loop, enter recovery mode on your LG G3 and wipe the data and clear cache by using the same. Also, for fixing any other issues make a hard reset. In case you are still dealing with issues and you don’t know how to address the same, don’t hesitate and share your problems with us by using the comments field from below – we will assist you as soon as possible.

So, that was all for now; that was how you can easily root your LG G3 model number D850, D851 or D855.

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  • Kenny Bateman

    Thank you soooo much!!! Been waiting for a windows version of purpledrake! Now if only it was the full version that installed TWRP too! LOL but thank you very much!

    • Greg


      This worked without a hitch? which version do you have I am about to get the D855

      • Kenny Bateman

        Yes this worked perfect. No problems at all! I have the D851

  • Shai Cohen

    thank you!
    is it reversible?

  • g3

    Hanging at waiting for device. What could be the problem?

  • Mar1us

    my version is D851 and on windows 8.1, after setup usb debugging on mobile then connected to pc and after hit enter I get only “waiting for device” and dots going and going constantly! What should I do? What Im doin wrong?

    • Kelvin Ng

      What i did was just wait. Don’t do anything on windows like watch a video and such, just let the CMD run it’s thing

      • Ck

        i got three lines of dots so far and im still waiting… im using the D855 what else am i suppouse to do?

        • mitch

          if it does that you have to go on your phone and switch your debugging mode to the other one, i got d855 and worked for me, i had the same problem aswell

    • Wes H

      When you connect your phone to your computer you should see an icon that says tap for more usb options. Set it to PTP and then run the program. It should find your phone.

  • name name

    It rooted smoothly D855 Kitkat 4.2.2

  • Yhurie

    its just waiting for my device. but ill do everything said.

  • Zac Goodwin

    does it work for android L

    • iamjohn

      No. No one has been able to find a loophole for lollipop yet.

  • Jake

    Stuck at waiting for device……………………………………………. :(

    • Wes H

      Enable PTP

      • Jake

        Oh I’ve been rooted for a while since that comment, but thank you for your response!

  • Stelios

    How long does this take????10 min so far,4 lines of dots and still counting….

  • john

    my one has error in command prompt what to do i also have 5.0 software and also it is an lg g3 d855 solution pls

  • Henk-Jan de Bruin

    does your handset have to be powered on at the 4th step

  • rasheed

    lg g3 not get battery life heating problem for upgrading lolipop what do pls help me……………..

  • guest

    Does it work with lollipop lg g3 d855

    • Mark Boltz


  • Patrick Friend


  • Darth~~

    Hey guys I was just about to root but after my Phone restarted Purpledrake closed down with a error so quick that I cant read it.

    • M8

      I got e same error

  • M8

    Hello I am currently using the lG G3 Stylus and have tried the purpledrake method but after the funnal stage to install the permanent root it says error and the program closes. Can someone pls help me
    Thank You

  • TheMilkMan

    purple drake is registering my lg g3 as a “SAMSUNG-SM-N900A” and the SW field is blank. this doesn’t seem right….

    • Mark Boltz

      You sure you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 xD

  • gBone

    I just tried this to root my LG D855 running Android 5.0, but it failed.
    The window closes before an error can be displayed but it appears
    “ps | grep brd” does not find a process.

  • CJ Ruscin

    hanging on waiting for device? D850

  • Dave

    I have problem after purple duck finds LG G3 D855 it says error SU fake something or other fails and the window closes so quick don’t get time to read. any help please.Device running android 5.0

    • Mark Boltz

      It doesn’t work with Android Lollipop :(

    • Adler

      No one has been able to find a loophole for Android Lollipop (5.x) yet. I’ve been waiting for a loophole to update my d850 to Android L. Still on Kitkat :P

  • Dave

    Anyone have a fix with the D855 running 5.0 software, tried going from MTP to PTP cannot get past Press [enter] to continue…

    Waiting for device… ………….

    Thanks !