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How to easily Root LG Revolution VS910

The LG Revolution, also known as LG Tegra 2, is a relatively old smartphone as it was first released back on May, last year. This means that its specs are a little bit outdated, though the phone is featuring decent to high end performances. The best part is that you can anytime power up the capabilities of the same by performing complex operations, such as rooting the system or installing different custom ROMs. So, in order to help you out, in today’s step by step guide I will teach you how to easily root your LG Revolution VS910 handset.

I know that most of the root procedures out there requires an OS downgrade operation first, an aspect that is not happily “embraced” by the Revolution users, therefore this tutorial will show you how to gain root access without returning to a previous version of the Android platform. You can apply this tutorial for the VS910 devices that runs the V8 or V9 version of the firmware without dealing with any other issues. The process will be easy to complete and safe for your phone, all being explained and detailed during the suitable steps from below.

You must be aware that once you root the LG Revolution the warranty will be void so in case something bad happens (this can happen rarely and only if you are doing things by yourselves) you will be on your own. That’s why you should be careful in what you do; it’s also recommended to read all the lines from this guide, or else you can miss important info. I will show you how to backup the Revolution too along with other preparation things therefore be patience and don’t head straight to the steps.
The warranty can be restored once you install an official release of the Android platform, or by downgrading to the stock ROM. But then, the system (and bootloader) will be relocked, the factory restrictions reinstalled and the root access revoked.

It’s important to root your smartphone especially if you want to make changes into its system. As already mentioned, the root process is required if you want to improve the performances by flashing a custom ROM. Also, there are many apps that need a rooted system in order to run properly, so this operation is not really an option for you. Once you root the LG Revolution, you will be able to gain access over the OS, make changes into its system and optimize and customize the same. Furthermore, the factory restrictions will be removed, this leading to the warranty aspect presented above.

As this is not an official operation supported by LG, by completing the same the data which is stored on your phone will be wiped out. A backup operation should be completed first. You can end this extremely quickly as there are numerous apps that offers backup solutions. You can save messages, contacts, images, videos, market apps, call logs, internet saves, calendar info and any other data you need to, so don’t hesitate and do the same. For suitable backup guides search through our previous tutorials and you will find all the details needed there.

Then, after taking care of your personal saves, you must take a look over the next list. Here you have the pre requisites. Without completing these tasks you will not be able to properly root your handsets, or worst, you can brick it while trying to. So, don’t skip this section.

  • You will have to use a Windows running PC and the Revolution USB cable.
  • If the phone has less than 60% battery power left, charge it first.
  • On the computer and on the smartphone temporarily uninstall the Firewall and the antivirus tools.
  • The USB debugging option from your device should be enabled.
  • Ensure that you have USB Read / Write access on your PC.
  • Install the LG drivers.
  • Don’t follow this tutorial for similar handsets with the LG Revolution VS910 as you can brick them.

You are now safe enough for dealing with the root procedure. You can share your thoughts and impressions with us by using the comments area from below. But until then, be careful and follow the steps described below.

How to easily Root LG Revolution VS910

  1. Download the required file from here and place it to your computer.
  2. Unzip the same.
  3. From the extracted folder open the “run” executable.
  4. Connect the phone with the PC by using its USB cable.
  5. Once you do this, press “enter” (the window that opened when you selected the “run” executable before should be displayed).
  6. The root operation will begin.
  7. Wait until it’s over and don’t press anything.
  8. That’s it. In the end you must download and run the “Super User” application from the Google Play Store.

So, that was all. A really easy guide for rooting the LG Revolution VS910 smartphone wasn’t it? Well, we have to thanks the xda-developers members for this possibility as they were the first to come with such a method. Stay close for further Android based tutorials and also for LG Revolution guides.