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How to Root Micromax A50 Ninja

The Micromax A50 Ninja Android based smartphone was released this year, but its specs and performances are not high end ones. The device is a low end, so budget friendly handset, perfectly suitable for those who want to experience the Android system for the first time. Anyway, if you own such a phone and want to receive more power from it (or power up the performances) you should learn how to root its OS. That’s why, during the next step by step guide I will teach you the easiest way possible for rooting the Micromax A50 smartphone.

But, as usual, when we talk about performing something on your phone, we should first ensure that you know everything about the operation that will shortly follow. So, you must learn how to root the Micromax A50 Ninja if you want to unlock your handset from the factory restrictions. In this way you can gain control and access to its internal system and internal files. This leads to another aspect: custom ROMs. As soon as you gain root access, you will be able to update your A50 Ninja with custom ROMs firmware (Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean based ones), meaning that extra features will be added to your handset.

That’s how you can easily improve the performances of your mid-range Android powered Micromax A50 Ninja. So, to conclude, learning how to gain root access is no longer an option for you. Now, before heading to the proper steps from this tutorial, you should first check on the pre requisites. There are important aspects to take notice off, so don’t skip any section from the present guide. This operation is being considered risky, meaning that you should be careful in what you do; read twice before applying something on your device.

This operation was first developed and tested by those of xda-developers, so without them we couldn’t be able to root your phone. Anyway, before beginning, you should backup the data. It’s very probably to lose all of your data, so why not saving it first? For that I recommend you to use our backup and restore guides; in this way you can end up the task quicker and without troubles. You can find the mentioned tutorials by searching through our how to section. Then, return here and resume the rest of the lines from below.

By rooting your A50 Ninja smartphone you will void the Micromax warranty, so if anything bad happens and you brick your handset, then you will be by yourselves. If you’re not comfortable with this aspect maybe it will be better to stop end the tutorial here. The warranty can be restored but only if you choose to downgrade your device to the stock ROM, or if you install an official update released by Micromax and suitable with your A50 Ninja. Then, the root access will be revoked, the bootloader relocked and the factory restrictions reinstalled.

Up next, on your phone go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the USB debugging option. A Windows running computer with internet access will be required; on the same and on your Micromax A50 Ninja uninstall all the security programs as these tools might interfere with the root operation. The handset should be fully charged before commencing the steps from below and you shouldn’t apply the tutorial unless you own the already mentioned device. If different, you risk in bricking your Android handset.

How to Root Micromax A50 Ninja

  1. For the first step, on your computer download the boot.img (from here), MT6573_Android_scatter.txt (download link here), MT65x3 USB VCOM drivers.7z (go here), SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z (use this link), unlockroot23.zip (from here) and the usb_driver.zip (click here).
  2. Then, first extract the “mt65x3”drivers.
  3. On the desktop, make a new folder and on the same extract the “SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z” file.
  4. Up next, copy the files from “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt” along with the ones from “boot.img” and place them to the folder created before.
  5. Open the folder, and from there run the “Flash_tool.exe” executable as administrator (right click and then choose “run as Administrator”).
  6. On the window that opens select “File -> Open Scatter; on the next window select “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt -> Open”.
  7. Click “Ok” if any other pop-up will be showed.
  8. On the bottom of the window you should have the flash tool section. Uncheck all the options from there (the BOOTIMG msut be checked). Then, double click on the BOOTIMG option.
  9. Select the “boot.img” file you have downloaded before.
  10. Return to the flash tool and select the USB mode.
  11. Turn off the phone, remove and then re-insert the battery.
  12. In the powered off state, take the USB cord and by using it connect your handset with the computer.
  13. The drivers will now be installed on your A50 Ninja. In the end, remove the USB cord.
  14. Remove and re-insert the battery again. Don’t turn On the device.
  15. Return to the flash tool window from where you should notice that the download option is available; click on the same.
  16. The “’Please insert USB cable in 14 seconds” message should be displayed. Go and connect the phone with the computer again.
  17. The download will now begin; when ended you must unplug the USB cord.
  18. Remove and reinsert the battery for starting the handset in normal mode.
  19. Reboot the phone.
  20. On the computer extract and run the “unlockroot23.zip” file. Then, connect your A50 Ninja once more with the PC.
  21. From the Unlock Root window just select the “Root” option and wait while your device is being rooted.
  22. In the end, disconnect the smartphone and reboot it.
  23. Done.

Well, what do you think? I know that this was a complex operation, but now you finally know how to root the Micromax A50 Ninja smartphone. Use the comments area from below for sharing your thoughts and impressions with us and with other users and don’t forget to subscribe with us for receiving further guides suitable for your phone. We will be coming with custom ROMs tutorials for your A50 Ninja, so stay close.