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Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717 without increasing the flash counter

Rooting your device offers you a lot of advantages, including more customization options, the ability to install more apps and more. But lately Samsung installed a flash counter on their devices and you might lose your warranty if you are not careful when rooting it. Fortunately for you, this guide will not increase the flash counter and neither void the warranty.

So make sure that you never flash a pre-rooted kernel on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717 because it will increase the counter and better follow our guide to learn how to do it.

Please make sure to follow all the steps carefully, because if you make a mistake your device might get damaged. Also we can not be held responsible for any damaged caused by the software or our guide. We have tested the method and it works without any issues, so you should be safe if you do it carefully.

Also please note that it only works on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717, so do not try it on any other device, including other Galaxy Note versions.

Preparing your device and computer

  • You need a Windows running computer
  • Make sure you have the latest Galaxy Note drivers. If you don’t, then install Kies.
  • Your phone must be charged to at least 60%.
  • Disable any firewall, antivirus or security suite you have on your computer, because it might block the flash.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device. You can find it in Settings > Developer tools.

Backup your device

When flashing something on your device, there’s a risk of losing your data, so we recommend you to perform backups before. To backup your contacts, we recommend that you sync them with your Google account. For SMS messages and call logs we recommend these apps:SMS Backup & Restore and Call Logs Backup & Restore. To secure your files, we recommend you to copy them on the SD card.

How to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717

First you will have to download Odin 1.85 here and att_note_root.zip here. Extract the downloaded file, launch Odin and open tt_note_root.tar as PDA in Odin.

Now make sure that your Galaxy Note isn’t plugged into the computer, reboot it into download mode ( volume down + power ). Then connect it to the PC and if a yellow ID:COM box appears then you are safe to press Start. After your Galaxy Nore i717 reboots, you should have root access. To make sure everything worked fine, check to see if the Superuser app is installed.

And that’s all. If you encounter any issues, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

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