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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pro using One-click method

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Pro is a low range Android based QWERTY smartphone you can still update its system and performances by performing some complex, though unofficial, operations. Therefore if you want to power up, customize, optimize and upgrade your Galaxy Pro then you should start by rooting your phone. As you can already tell, during the present step by step guide we will be checking on how to root the Samsung Galaxy Pro by using a one-click method, so you have nothing to worry about, the tutorial being almost intuitive, meaning that you will have no problems in applying the steps from below.

The most annoying thing when talking about low range smartphones is related to the OS that comes pre-installed. The Galaxy Pro is being powered by Gingerbread, so I guess that you are looking for a suitable way that can be used for updating your phone to ICS, or if possible even to Jelly Bean firmware. Well, you can easily do that as there are many Android 4.0 and 4.1 based custom ROMs available for your handset. Of course, you will have to first root your Galaxy Pro, because the beta or custom software can be flashed only on unlocked devices.

You should learn how to root your Galaxy Pro if you want to have access to in built programs, or if you want to change the default settings, apply custom apps, perform optimization and customization procedures and so on. The root operation along with the “unlock the bootloader” one, are the only ways in which you can free your smartphone from the factory restrictions. Also, without rooting your handset you will be stuck on the stock Android OS and only on the official releases of the same.

In order to safely complete this tutorial you will first have to apply the pre requisites for preparing your phone and other stuffs; else you will not be able to root the Galaxy Pro, or worst you can even end up in bricking your device.

  • As you are dealing with an unofficial operation, by gaining root access you will void the warranty of your phone.
  • You can restore the warranty by downgrading to stock ROM, by updating with an official Android OS, or by applying a un-root method.
  • I recommend you to backup the data because you can end up in noticing that all of your personal info is gone. So, in order to avoid the unpleasant situations, save everything you need to starting with the contacts list and text messages and ending with specified data like EFS folder, market apps or internet settings (tell us if you don’t know how to complete a full backup procedure).
  • You need to have access to a computer, or nothebook, where you will save and install the “one-click” tool; of course your handset and its USB cord are also required.
  • On the computer and on your handset there shouldn’t be any security tools installed because the root operation might be stopped by the same.
  • On your phone go to “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the last option (the USB debugging one).
  • In case you notice that your Galaxy Pro has less than 60% power left it will be a good idea to charge its battery; else your phone might get turned off and get bricked.

Now your device is prepared for the root operation and you know all that’s related to the same. So, if you are here, then you are ready to begin the one-click root solution that can be applied on the Samsung Galaxy Pro. Be aware though as this tutorial is compatible only with the mentioned smartphone so don’t follow the next steps if you own a similar handset; you will end up in having a bricked Android based device.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pro using One-click method

  1. On your computer you will have to download the SuperOneClick tool.
  2. The download link is here so use the same.
  3. Extract the file on your computer.
  4. Connect your phone with your computer by using the USB cord.
  5. Now, run the rooting tool by clicking on the SuperOneClick executable file.
  6. From the window that will be displayed select the “Root” option.
  7. Now, your phone will be rooted automatically.
  8. Click on “yes” in order to install the BusyBox app.
  9. That’s all; in the end unplug the USB cable and reboot your Samsung Galaxy Pro.

So, that was all for today. You have learned how to root the Samsung Galaxy Pro by using a one-click root procedure. Share your experience with us and with other users who might want to use this tutorial by using the comments area from below. Also, talk with us if you have questions or if you have encountered issues while trying to complete the steps from above.