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Root Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XXJVU Firmware With CF-ROOT

Root Samsung Galaxy S XXJVU Firmware

This guide should be used by Galaxy S I9000 users that have updated their phones to Android 2.3.6 XXJVU Gingerbread firmware. Please note that the CF-ROOT will void the phone’s warranty and you will be able to restore it back by installing its stock firmware.

This guide is extremely easy to use and you should be able to complete it if you have some basic knowledge on how to use Odin and CF Root files. If you’re beginner then you should carefully proceed to the tutorial guide and you should use the comments section if you cannot fully understand what actions are required in order to successfully root the Galaxy S XXJVU firmware.

Rooting your device will offer you support for accessing the phone’s Android sub-system and it will also install CWM Recovery, which means that you will be able to install new custom ROMs to improve the Galaxy S performance and enhance your Android experience by upgrading to an official CM9 or AOKP rom firmware, or if you prefer you can choose to upgrade to another custom ICS ROM build.

Now that you’ve read all the info above, it means that you’re ready to move to the pre-requisites guide. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You should backup the data stored on your phone by moving it to your internal or external sdcard.
  • If you wish, you can backups apps, call logs info and sms text messages using these Android programs: AppBak application | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore.
  • The Phone Contacts should be synced with your Gmail account.
  • APN Settings should also be backed up, just in case you won’t be able to browse the internet after the root process if finished. Here’s the APN backup & restore app to help you with that. Save the APN backups file on your phone’s internal or external sdcard.
  • Enable USB Debugging. It can be done by opening Settings, then Applications and open Development; there you’ll find the USB Debugging option and you need to tick it.
  • Charge the phone’s battery until it says that it’s power level is over 65%.

Now that all the info listed above, I think that you’re ready to move to the tutorial guide. Please note that neither we, nor the developers of this root will be held responsible if your device gets damaged during the rooting process. Make sure not to skip any step listed in the tutorial, and you should use the comments field  for any extra questions you might have regarding Galaxy S2 I9000, XXJVU Firmware and its rooting guide.

How to root Galaxy S I9000 on XXJVU Firmware using CF-ROOT tool:

  1. Download the CF-ROOT kernel zip file from here.
  2. Save it on your computer’s desktop and extract its contents into a single directory. You should get a single extracted file with the .tar extension. Do not extract this one, just leave it as it is and move to the next step.
  3. Now, download the Odin 3 v1.85 from here.
  4. Save it on desktop and after the download is complete you should extract its contents into a single folder. You should get a .exe file.
  5. Power OFF your phone and make it is disconnected from your computer.
  6. Now, we need to boot into download mode. It can be done by pressing ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons until the Download Mode yellow logo screen appears.
  7. Launch the ODIN executable. Wait until it launches successfully.
  8. Next, connect your Galaxy S2 phone to your PC. Look at the Odin window on your PC and the ID:COM box should turn yellow. If otherwise, you should install the USB Drivers for your I9000 device and after that repeat this entire tutorial guide. If everything is in order then you can move to the next step.
  9. Click the ‘PDA’ button in ODIN. You will be asked to load a file.
  10. Browse for the CF Root kernel .tar file you’ve extracted at step 2. Select it.
  11. Now, go back to ODIN and press the START button.
  12. When the root process has been completed, the SGS I9000 phone will reboot and after that you can remove it from your PC. Your device is now rooted and you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

To be sure that your device is rooted, you will need to open the applications drawer and check to see if the CWM app icon is listed, and if it is, it means that you have successfully completed this tutorial guide. Now, you can install any custom ROM firmware you want to.

If the phone wasn’t rooted, then you should carefully read again this entire tutorial guide and I’m sure that the second time you will manage to root your Galaxy S I9000 that runs on Android 2.3.6 XXJVU Firmware.

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  • NN

    I exactly did what you wrote but after ODIN succesfully did it my phone just shows the galaxy logo and turns off and then again shows the logo and turns off, all the time..
    After taking out the battery it stopped but when i try to start it the same thing happens..

    • Try the rooting process once more and it should be fine.

      • Eshwar

        its failed.

        • Dakota

          Well, they listed this as for the S in the top and the S2 in the bottom- I think the developers McFuckedUp

          • Noah

            This is a working process. If your phones are rebooting then there’s a compatiblity problem between the file you’re working on and your phone, likely the partition system.

            In other words, it dependds where you are upgrading (or downgrading) from.

            I was trying to downgrade from JellyBean 4.1.2 to CM7, which use different partition formats. I got a reboot-loop like you all did.

            The solution was simple: on Odin, make sure that “Phone Bootloader Update” option is checked. Also, re-partition.

            Make sure you start from a stock rom, root it with CWM, and then make a clean install of your preferred ROM. This will insure your partition system is clean.


    • Same happened to me and no solution found yet. Could you help-me?

    • Bhumin Patel

      meiht just download root king

  • ash

    same thing happend to me.. but even when i try root again it still does it.. what do i do???!!!

  • Panduh

    I get a looping Samsung logo then a scrambled screen. I have completed this guide step-by-step 4 times now. Same result each time.

  • Bob

    I would like to upgrade my samsung galaxy s i9000 to ice cream sandwich.
    My gingerbread vs 2.3.6 build is XXJW4 and not XXJVU as mentioned in
    this article.Would this make a difference to me useing this articles

    I,m only a novice and advice appreciated. Thanks

  • Mike

    I did everything as written. My phone is
    Galaxy S I9000 2.3.3. Odin is stuck at SetupConnection.

    • Shishmesh

      Read the title again. This rooted kernel is for Android 2.3.6, so the odds are real good that you’ll fuck your phone up if you follow the tutorial.

      Use some common sense and ask if unsure, don’t be an Indian and blame someone else for bricking your phone!

  • Sanchit Baijal

    screwed fucked my fone…. keeps on rebooting….. wat to do 🙁

  • AJay

    Woops. Should have read the comments before doing your tutorial. My phone playing the neverending rebooting loop. Thanks alot dickhole.

  • Eshwar

    screwed …. LOOP REBOOTING … keeps on rebooting….. what to do?
    Please help me somebody…

  • Aidan

    the phone just keeps rebooting…..help????

  • ct

    For some ppl it is not working bcoz you are using the CF-ROOT which is used in this article.Please try and find the one compatible with your current version and try the above steps again.Worked for me.. 🙂

  • Super DuperCC

    Worked first time without any problems and I was on 2.3.5

  • Tristian o’brien

    nice write up, worked for me to sort a boot loop issue… nice to have a new rom to play with..

  • S4crifice

    Work great, thanks!!

  • Gofy

    it is working very fine , and for all of you who have problems , it is because you do not pay attention , this tutorial is only for 2.3.6 JVU if you don`t have JVU don`t try it because it won`t work ! Thanks again for this article.

  • Al

    you stupid pieces of shithead amateur developers…thanks in the name of all who fucked up their phones due to shitty fucked up instructions from morons.

  • jalle

    was lucky this time. sucesifully rotted my sgs

  • Gerson Gutierrez

    I followed every step here, i got this “” Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:16)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)””
    but the phone says it isn’t rooted, and I did make sure that I Have Android 2.3.6 baseband XXJVU, so what’s wrong?

    • moussa

      did you enable usb debugging

  • Vori


    I tried this sh*t and I had the same problem, after this I followed this tutorial:

    This corrected my phone!

    Maybe, this .tra file is for SGS2 above

    • Tijmen


  • Sno

    Bullshit – My phone has 2.3.6 XXJVU Gingerbread firmware and I’m stuck on constant loops now – idiotic tutorial is idiotic – remove this dumbass tut – jeez

  • Rohit Dahiya

    The same startup screen loop issue appeared when i read this person’s guide for i9000 galaxy s. This person is playing with your device and your time.
    do not trust him

  • Gerard Keijzer

    My Galaxy S has Buildnumber GINGERBREAD.XWJW5 Can I root this one

  • jj naz

    I am new to rooting and have Samsung galaxy I9000 DDVJ6 firmware Is there another rooting method or the same as above firmware for more info of mobile:

    Firmware version: 2.3.3
    Baseband version: I9000DDJV4
    Kernel version:
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DDJV6

    and upgrade/ update to Jelly bean ( stable)

  • ry

    nice one now rooted, keep up the good work

  • Alvaro Abreu

    SUCESSFULLY! THANKs! Guys its important that the Samsung Galaxy S i900OT runs
    Gingerbread 2.3.6 XXJVU Base Band !

  • JR

    I already rooted my phone with this tutorial and i am only 12 years old ,you freaks!!!!!
    Follow the tutorial properly

  • Kaushal

    what about i using 2.3.3 on my samsung galaxy s i9000

  • Mk Smith

    the cf file doesn’t appear to work. I extracted it, selected the .tar folder using odin’s AP button (same as PDA); the box is blue showing my phone, and ‘auto reboot’ and ‘f reset time’ are both checked. Hit start, nothing happens. Doesn’t even appear to think, just immediately reports all threads completed, 0 failed 0 success.

  • Stefan

    guys from now on just search for XDA Developers

  • afghan

    thanks work for me

  • daniel

    I am a bit late. But for those who get the boot loop the solution is simple. Start your phone in CWM and wipe data/factory reset, and it should work

  • Reynaldi

    This article was very helpful to me, thank you 🙂