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Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint using CWM Recovery

Root Sprint Galaxy S3

The Sprint model of Samsung Galaxy S3 can be rooted using the CWM Recovery thanks to the guys at XDA who managed to create the necessary tools after only a few days since the official release of the device in the United States.

This guide works only with Sprint variants of Galaxy S3 and if you’re owning one of these devices, then you should continue to read the rest of this article as you will learn how to successfully apply the root using only the ClockworkMod Recovery image and the rooting files.

If you root your Galaxy S3 on Sprint, then you have to know that you will void its warranty, and if you ever wish to restore the warranty then you will need to return to the stock firmware. Such guides should be posted on our website in the near future and those will host important instructions on how to successfully restore stock Android 4.0.4 that will revoke root access along with restoring the warranty.

Before we can start to root the phone you should read the guidelines I’ve listed below so that you’ll better configure your device, so that you won’t be forced to repeat the steps listed in the ‘how-to’ guide. Here’s what you need to do:

  • apply this root only on the Sprint model of the Galaxy S3 because that’s the only one that supports it. In case you try to install the root on other SGS3 devices, then you should know that this action might damage them and you might corrupt the phone sub-system or, it will simply freeze the phone and close CWM recovery.
  • CWM Recovery image is a must and that’s why your device should have it installed. If yours doesn’t have ClockworkMod Recovery installed then you should follow this guide here and learn how to do it. After you install CWM, return to this post and continue the root process.
  • because we don’t know exactly how your phone might react to this root, we recommend you to backup your photos, bookmarks, audio, video, playlists and all other important files. You can move them on your device’s internal sdcard or, if your device has one, on the external sdcard. These two parts will be left unchanged while you’re applying the root. Note that this action is optional and you are not forced to apply it.
  • this guide is for advanced Android users. I repeat, your phone will lose its warranty and if you wish to restore it, you will need to flash its original Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware.
  • Enable the debugging mode option, which should be found in Settings, then Developer Options menu.
  • Make sure that your Galaxy S3 battery is fully charged and it won’t discharge while you’re flashing the root files.

That’s all the info you had to know before moving to the tutorial guide. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if your phone gets bricked, broken or it simply stops working normally after the root. Make sure that you know what you’re doing and read all the instructions I’ve listed in the ‘how to root SGS3’ guide.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint using only CWM Recovery:

  1. Download the CWM_ SuperUser root zip file from here. Save the zip on your PC and do not extract its files.
  2. Now, connect your Galaxy S3 Sprint to your PC and move the root zip on your phone’s internal sdcard. Do not create any new folders, simply drop the zip on its main folder menu.
  3. After the transfer is complete, power off the phone.
  4. Boot into CWM Recovery. It cna be done by pressing and holding ‘volume up’ + ‘home’ + ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons only when you see the ClockworkMod Recovery main menu.
  5. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and select the root zip to install.
  6. Confirm that you wish to continue the root installation and then wait for this process to complete.
  7. When CWM_SuperUser zip was installed you should return to the main custom recovery menu and then select ‘reboot system now’.
  8. The Galaxy S3 Sprint model will  now restart and it will load the Android homescreen. Open the Play Store app.
  9. Search for BusyBox app and install it. ( Here’s a direct link to the apps’ Google Play Store page).
  10. Next, after BusyBox is installed on your phone, you need to open it.
  11. Confirm that you want for BusyBox to own root access. After that click the ‘X’ button and close the dialog alert that is currently displayed on your device’s screen.
  12. BusyBox has to scan the Galaxy S3 Sprint and you should allow it to do so. Select Install and after this process is complete you are done; close Busybox.
  13. Your Galaxy S3 on Sprint is now rooted and you are free to give it a run test.

Now that you phone has been rooted, it means that you can start customizing its sub system settings using new Android applications that didn’t work previously on your SGS3 since it wasn’t rooted. Also, now you can look for new custom ROMs for your device to improve and enhance the performances of your smartphone. Remember to return to our website to find new custom ROMs and other guides for the Sprint Galaxy S3 device.

If you didn’t manage to complete the installation at your first attempt, then you will be forced to repeat the entire tutorial, as you might have skipped one or two steps I’ve listed in the tutorial. For any extra questions use the comments section to post them and we will try to answer and help you complete the root process for your device.