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Root SONY Xperia S That Runs on Firmware Builds 63 and 67

The Sony Xperia S device has been launched earlier this month and it came packed with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Here you can find instructions on how to root your Xperia S device that is using the 63 and 67 firmware versions. The Xperia S devices were only launched this month and for those that are fans of custom rooted firmware this article is exactly what you need, as you will learn how to successfully root it.

The Xperia S device has been launched in March 2012 and it packs a 4.3 inch touchscreen with support for BRAVIA engine for taking pictures and 1.5GHz dual core CPU and a 12.1 mp rear camera. 1GB ram and an internal storage of 1 and 2 GB that supports up to 32GB external storage for video, audio, pictures etc. Comes with support for multitouch and HD reality display using Bravia system that has been delivered by Sony. Its camera can be used to take 1080p HD video recordings. It features the NFC that uses Xperia SmartTags.

Rooting the Xperia S device can be a tough task to complete for those that aren’t familiar with rooting and flashing new firmware files. By following the instructions listed below you will learn how to root your brand new SONY Xperia S in firmware builds 63 and 67, but before that you need to prepare you computer and smartphone for the tutorial guide. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before moving to the first step of the tutorial guide:

  • this step by step guide works only with the Xperia S smartphones that are using hte Unlocked boot loaders along with the ADB Drivers, which should already be installed on your device.
  • backup all the video, pictures, music, documents, ebooks and all the other data you have stored on your device. This will  protect the software in case something goes wrong and the root installation corrupts the data.
  • try and save the SMS text. Also, the Contacts can be saved using the Gmail sync app .
  • write down the APN and MMS settings by going to Settings, Applications, Wireless and Networks, then Mobile Networks and open the Access Point Names. This helps you backup the internet connections.
  • make sure to charge your Xperia S battery up to at least 75% and it won’t discharge in the middle of the rooting process.
  • uninstall or at least disable all the firewall and antivirus programs from your phone, as this type of software will interfere with the firmware root.

Now that you know all this you are ready to move to the next part of this article, the one that teaches you how to successfully apply the root for your Xperia S running on firmware build 63 or 67. Please note that we cannot be held responsible in case something goes wrong and your device gets corrupted or something else happens during the root. Make sure that you know what a root is and how to work with the Android Recovery Mode.

Here’s how to root the Sony Xperia S device running on 63 and 67 firmware builds:

  1. Download the ‘Sony Xperia S 63 Rooting Firmware zip’ or the ‘Sony Xperia S 67 firmware zip’ and save the one that corresponds to your device on your computer.
  2. Now turn OFF the phone, as you need to enter Fast Boot recovery mode.
  3. When the device is powered OFF you need to press and hold Volume UP key and connect the USB cable between your PC and phone. This will open the Fast Boot recovery mode.
  4. Now, open the command prompt/  terminal and enter the following command lines. For 63 firmware build enter this: fastboot flash system system_xps_prerooted_63fw.img. For 67 firmware build enter this: fastboot flash system system_xps_prerooted_67fw.img.
  5. The root process starts and when it will be completed, your Sony Xperia S phone will reboot and that should do it.

Now your Xperia S has been successfully rooted. In case you didn’t manage to complete the root of your device, then you need to restart and repeat all the steps listed above because something might have gone wrong and not all the changes have been applied.

Use the comments section to post all your extra questions.

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