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How to Root Sony Xperia U using One-Click method

If you want to root your Sony Xperia U by using an easy to apply and fast method, then this step by step guide will be perfect for you as a one click root solution has been made available for your device. Those of xda-developers are being responsible for this, so we have them to thanks. Now, this tutorial will show you how to prepare the Xperia U for the rooting process and also will explain the advantages and disadvantages that come with a rooted system. Therefore, all the details needed are being explained below, so check the following lines for further aspects.

Now, if you want to free your Xperia U from the factory restrictions, then you have to root its system. Also, the same must be performed if you want to gain more access over the internal system of your device, especially if you consider that it is necessary to power up the performances. So, by rooting you must understand that important changes will be made as all the factory restrictions and default settings will be removed. In this way you will be able to customize and optimize the performances of your Sony Xperia U by adding apps (such as CWM recovery – click on the link for learning how to install the same on your phone) that requires root access in order to work properly, by removing in built programs (for improving the battery life) or by updating with custom ROMs firmware.

But gaining root access is not all; in order to have a device that has no carrier restriction, you also have to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone. Actually it is recommended to first unlock the bootloader of your Xperia U and only after that to root the system. Now, for the bootloader operation you can use a dedicated tutorial that can be used only on the Xperia U, or you can use the general guide that can be applied for any Sony Xperia device.

It is important to be clear that once you start rooting your Sony Xperia U, the warranty of your phone will be void. This is happening beacause you are making changes into the internal system, so this aspect can’t be avoided. You shouldn’t worry though as nothing bad will happen if you are following my directions; if you do make things by yourselves you will risk in bricking your smartphone. Anyway, the warranty can be easily restored by downgrading to stock ROM, when the root access will be revoked and the bootloader relocked.

It is also important to backup the data before rooting the Xperia U by using the one-click solution. There is possible to lose all of your personal info as the system might get wiped out; therefore take care of the backup and store the contacts, messages, market apps and everything else is saved on the internal storage memory of your phone. Next, take a look below and apply the rest of the pre requisites.

  • Use a Windows running computer if you want to successfully apply the one-click rooting procedure.
  • The Xperia U and its USB cable will have to be near you.
  • In order to make sure that everything will go as planned, first of all deactivate the security protection that is installed on the computer and on your handset.
  • Also, for avoiding the unpleasant situations it will be a good idea to charge the battery of your device before heading to the steps from below.
  • Enable the USB debugging option on your phone; you can do this as soon as you go to “Menu -> Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging” and check the last option (else you will not be able to properly connect your phone with the computer).
  • Do apply the next steps only for rooting the Sony Xperia U smartphone; this one-click root solution will work only for the mentioned phone. There are other one-click root methods explained here on Android.gs, so don’t hesitate and use the one that is suitable with your Android based handset.

How to Root Sony Xperia U using One-Click method

  1. Download the root package by using the link from here.
  2. Save the file on your computer or notebook.
  3. Unzip the same on Desktop or on any other location from your PC.
  4. Take the USB cable and by using the same connect your phone with the computer.
  5. Now, go and run the RunMe.bat executable file from the computer.
  6. You will have to choose a mode; pick “Normal mode”.
  7. Just select “root” and don’t press anything else.
  8. Now, the root procedure will begin.
  9. When ended, unplug the USB cable and reboot your phone as you are done.

That was all; as you can see there are only a few steps to take care of, so this is indeed a fast and easy to apply root method. Anyway, now your Sony Xperia U device is rooted so you can make changes into the internal system. Also, you can install complex apps and tools and also flash a custom ROM for improving the performances of your handset. Use the comments area from below for sharing your experience with us and with other users who might want to complete this tutorial.

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