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How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 T889 (Without Increasing Binary Flash Counter)

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 T889 can now be easily rooted without increasing the binary flash counter, so you can safely unchain the system of your phablet without worrying that the warranty will get void. I have explained the proper step by step guide below, therefore if you want to learn how to root the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 check the same. I have also explained the binary flash counter term and what it refers to, along with the pre requisites that must be performed before heading to the proper steps, so you have all the aspects needed right here.

Before getting into complex aspects, you must first be sure that rooting the Note 2 is what you really need. First, you must gain root access over the OS for removing the factory restrictions; this means that once this operation is completed, you will be able to have access to the internal system of your device. Furthermore, by rooting the handset, you will then be able to install custom and complex apps (like CWM recovery) on the same, flash a beta update or apply custom ROMs firmware. There are many “why to root”-reasons that can be mentioned here, the above explained are the most relevant ones.

Usually, by rooting the warranty gets void and the only way possible for restoring the warranty is by revoking the root access and by relocking the bootloader. This can be done by downgrading your T-Mobile Note 2 T889 to the stock ROM or by updating with an official software. Anyway, the binary flash counter is the first thing that indicates whether your device has lost the warranty or not. Each time you are performing custom operations on and with your phablet, the binary flash is increasing, meaning that the warranty is no longer yours. But, if you somehow manage to find a way to stop the increase of the flash counter then you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty anymore.

Fortunately for you, those of xda-developers (we have to thanks them for the present step by step guide) had find a way for doing that, as this tutorial will teach you how to root the Galaxy Note 2 without increasing the binary flash counter. Anyway, you will still have to prepare you smartphone for the proper procedure as this is a complex and risky operation. If you are messing things up then you can even end up in bricking your handset and I know that you don’t want that to happen. If you do somehow damage your device, then you can use our method for fixing the bricked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2.

  • Now, first of all backup the data. You should save the contacts, messages, call logs, internet setting, EFS, and everything else you need to.
  • Make sure that you can have access to a computer that has internet connection enabled.
  • Enable the USB debugging option on your phone.
  • Charge the battery of your phable before going any further.
  • On the smartphone and on your computer there shouldn’t be any security programs running or installed. Usually, these tools are interfering with the root operation.
  • Make sure that you are applying the next steps only if you own the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model number T889; if different you will brick your Android based devices.

How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 (Without Increasing Binary Flash Counter)

  1. On your Windows running computer download the USB drivers for your Samsung handset (32 bit download link is here; 64 bit download link is here), the root package (from here) and Odin.
  2. Install the drivers and reboot the computer.
  3. Extract the root file on your computer.
  4. Also, extract and then install Odin.
  5. Turn off the phablet and reboot in download mode.
  6. The download mode can be reached by pressing and holding the Volume Down, Home and Power until the screen turns on. Then press Volume Up to enter download mode.
  7. On the computer open Odin.
  8. Next, connect the Note 2 with the PC by using the USB cord.
  9. On Odin the “added” messages should be displayed.
  10. Also, the ID:COM section should now be yellow.
  11. If different you should re-install the drivers and then re-do the steps from above.
  12. On Odin, select the “PDA” option.
  13. Select the “root66_TMO_T889UVALJ1.tar.md5” file.
  14. Do not make any other changes on Odin.
  15. Make sure that the Re-Partition check box is not selected and the Auto reboot and F. Reset Time options are both selected.
  16. Click the “start” button.
  17. Wait until the process ends.
  18. In the end, the “pass” message should be displayed.
  19. The handset should reboot automatically, so you can now unplug the USB cord.

That was all for now; the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 T889 has been finally rooted. Remember that this method can be applied without increasing the binary flash counter, so you have nothing to worry about. If you had encounter issues while trying to use Odin or while performing one of the steps from above, use the comments area from below and share the problems with us so that we can help you out. Also, stay close for further news and tutorials.