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How to Root and Unroot Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with ExynosAbuse

There are several ways that can be used for rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (by using Odin or by using the CF-Auto-Root package), but most of the procedures are quite complex and risky as you can easily end up in bricking your device. Fortunately for us, those of xda-developers found a better way for rooting the Galaxy Note 2 N7100, and this by taking advantage of the well-known system vulnerability that affected the Exynos handsets. So, today, I will show you how to easily root and also unroot the Note 2 by using the new ExynosAbuse app.

The best part related to this method is that it offers both root and unroot solutions for your Galaxy Note 2, so you can easily re-lock the phablet’s system after completing your plans. For example you can gain root access for removing some internal files and apps (built-in tools) that are slowing down your smartphone and then you can easily unroot the OS for enjoying the pure and default Android system on your Note 2. Also, the operation which will be explained below (that uses the ExynosAbuse app) brings an intuitive root / unroot solution, the actual guide being easier than the other ones that are using Odin.

The root access must be gained if you want to have access to the internal system of your device. You see, when you buy a new phone, or tablet it will be delivered with a locked OS, so if you want to access the same you need to remove the factory restrictions and the default settings. For that you need to use and apply suitable root guides, which will grant the mentioned access.

After rooting, you will be able to customize, optimize and power up the system and the performances of your Galaxy Note 2 for receiving improved speeds, better battery life and more. You will be able to install complex apps that requires root access in order to work properly (like CWM recovery), or you can update your Galaxy Note 2 with a custom ROM firmware, so as you can see, completing the present step by step guide is no longer an option for you.

Considering the up-mentioned details, it should be clear for you that a root operation is not official and performing the same means that the warranty of your device will get void. Well, usually, after rooting if you want the warranty back, or if you want to revoke the root access, you need to downgrade to stock ROM or apply an official updated. But, by using this tutorial, if you need to restore the warranty and revoke the root access, all you need to do is to follow and complete the unroot method that is being explained during the proper steps from below. In this way you can restore your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to its default version.

Due to same reasons (this is an unofficial operation which was first developed by third party devs – those of xda-developers) before heading to the root / unroot Galaxy Note 2 N7100 step by step guide, you first need to prepare the phablet by completing the essential and general pre requisites.

  • Backup the Note 2 data before going any further. All of your personal info might get wiped out and you can lose your text messages, call logs, internet settings, calendar info, contacts list, EFS and everything else. Because of that we recommend you to use our backup and restore guides (search through our how to section for the same) before rooting your Note 2.
  • Charge the battery of your smartphone, or at least make sure that there is more than 60% power left; else your device might get turned off in the middle of the root / unroot operation and you will risk in bricking your Galaxy Note 2.
  • Don’t forget that this tutorial has been developed and must be applied only by those who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model number N7100. Using the same on a similar handset might brick the device.

How to Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with ExynosAbuse

  1. On your phablet you must first install a file manager tool.
  2. You can get the ES File Explorer File Manager from here.
  3. Also, on your device download the Exynos Abuse APK app by using the link from here.
  4. Return to your handset and open the ES File Manager and locate the Exynos Abuse APK.
  5. Install the Exynos Abuse tool and then launch the same.
  6. From the menu that opens, select “Root device”.
  7. If asked for SuperSU permission, make sure you grant it.
  8. In the end open SuperSU and update binary.
  9. That’s it; the Galaxy Note 2 is now rooted.

How to Un-Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with ExynosAbuse

  1. Open the Exynos Abuse tool again.
  2. From the menu that now opens, uncheck the following “Disable Exploit”, “Disable Exploit on Boot” and “Unroot Device”.
  3. Reboot your device and wait for 10 minutes.

Congratulations, you now know how to easily root and unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 by using the ExynosAbuse method. Take note that this guide does not resolve the reported system vulnerability; for fixing the same you need to update your Note 2 with a suitable firmware. That was all for today, but if you have encountered issues while trying to complete the above explained tutorial, use the comments are from below and share the problems, your thoughts and impressions with us and we will try to resolve the unpleasant situations for you.

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  • Jay

    hi i have been reading a lot about exynos chip problems etc and came to realize exynos abuse app which many recommend from chainfire is the easiest way to root and unroot phone. not only that it gapes the holes for nasty viruses to intrude the exynos chip. but one thing i am not sure what chain fire says in his discription about exynos app is—Also note that if use the patch method without rooting, or keep patching the exploit at boot enabled when unrooting, you need an alternate method to re-root the device to disable this feature (like CF-Auto-Root) – you cannot use ExynosAbuse to do this since it patched the exploit. Unlike other patch authors, I do not believe in keeping an invisible rooted process running in the background while pretending you aren’t rooted, to be able to unpatch this way. Also i saw pics of exynos app photos on 1 of the forums, in one of the photos it says under Unroot device option- keep the patch which that disables the exploit at boot in place. note that this will prevent from using exynos abuse app again..I do understand there is some sort of exploit which we are patching using this app apart from rooting the phone just to stop those nasty viruses. and if we unroot the phone the patch will stay in place at every boot on the exploit so if we have to root again we have to use other method like cf auto root etc..can anyone kindly shed some light on what exploit is and what is the limitation and advantage of exynos abuse app. What is exploit and what does it mean in the app where it says exploit is disabled and exploit disable on boot.? Also why do we have to update binary.? Do we have to click disable exploit right after rooting as others or youtube videos say or do we have to use them only while unrooting.? With this root methods can we install custom firmwares or no. ? thanks..

  • hans

    Sadly this is outdated as it doesnt work with the latest android version on note 2 (4.1.2) the exynos root exploit has been fixed there

    • Jay

      Hi. As pointed by chainfire in xda developers forum it only works on 4.1.1 or less not on 4.1.2. ..

    • DeShawn Smith

      I’m on version 4.1.2 and rooted with the above….granted my IS tool is detecting continously as malware, it does work.

  • jan

    Just tried but unfortunately wont work on latest android version.

    • Jay

      Hi. As pointed by chainfire in xda developers forum it only works on 4.1.1 or less not on 4.1.2

  • Ray

    Used this on my AT&T Galaxy Note 2 (i317) running stock Android 4.1.2 and it worked beautifully. This is my tenth Android device and this was the easiest root I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much.

    • Jay

      It won’t work on 4.1.2 firmwares released after jan 2012….. quick question. Now can you flash custom rom now. ?

    • DeShawn Smith

      Agreed and same here….granted my IS tool keeps detecting it as malware.

  • What is ths : In the end open SuperSU and update binary????

  • Works great with me.. its smooth and reliable.. what an easy way ever!

  • Almarx

    Will the ExynosAbuse can unroot 4.1.1? Even if it wasnt rooted using that?? Need a fast reply…

    • Did anyone ever answer? I have the same Q.

  • Gie

    my note 2 camera seems to be having trouble with the video recording. green screen would show up when i played the video..do you guys think rooting would solve the problem??/

  • Ravi

    My Note 2 version is 4.1.2 n its not work.Please reply how i root by exynos.reply