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Root / Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (how to guide)

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 handset can now be easily rooted and unrooted thanks to those of xda-developers who have managed to find a safe method for completing these procedures. The operations were tested and worked perfectly, so you have nothing to worry about. You will have to download some free distributed tools, which will do almost all the work for you. Anyway, don’t do things on your own, follow this step by step guide for safely root and unroot your Galaxy Y Duos smartphone.

You must learn how to root a device especially if its performances are not really impressive. And, if you own the Y Duos that’s exactly what you need to do. Even though it was released recently, in February this year, the S6102 phone is not coming to surprise us. The specs are low range, the smartphone being a low budget one, designed to please an entry level customer. It offers a 3.14 TFT display, 290 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, a poor 832 MHz processor, a 3 MP rear facing camera and the Gingerbread OS. But, the best part is that you can start improving these performances.

The best way to start that is by gaining root access over the Galaxy Y Duos internal system. After doing this you can make other operations with your phone, like installing a custom recovery image, unlock the bootloader, flash a custom ROM, or update the OS with unofficial or beta firmware. The benefits that comes with a rooted device are many, so let’s get started.

Before we do so, you must know that once you decide to complete this tutorial, the Samsung warranty will get void. This is happening each time a handset is being rooted, as you are making changes in its default settings and you are unchaining its system from the factory restrictions. But, this fact isn’t permanent; if you somehow decide that you don’t need a rooted smartphone no more and you simply unroot it, then the warranty will be regained. That’s why during this step by step guide I will show you both: the rooted and unrooted processes that can be applied on a Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 device.

For preventing bad things to happen, like losing your personal info which is stored on the phone’s internal storage memory, you must first backup the S6102. For the video, or picture files you can use a computer or the handset’s SD card; for the other files I recommend you to check our previous how to guides, or just follow the links from below:

Furthermore, for safely completing the tutorial you must do the next tasks:

  • The handset must be fully charged, or make sure that at least 70% power its left.
  • Deactivate all the security software installed or running on your handset, or on your computer.
  • Go to your phone’s settings and enable the USB debugging option. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow the path: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • You can apply this guide only for the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 that runs the latest Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware.

Assuming that you have noticed the up mentioned lines I will begin the proper procedure. As already stated the guide will be divided in two sections, the root and unroot one. Remember that the warranty will get void but you can restore it as soon as you unroot your device.

How to root the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

  1. Go to Google Play and search for the Super user app. Download it.
  2. Then, download the “update.zip” file from here and place the same on the computer.
  3. Connect the handset with the PC; use the USB cord.
  4. Copy the file downloaded in step 2 from the PC to the phone’s SD card.
  5. Disconnect the smartphone from the computer; remove the USB cable.
  6. Turn it off and reboot by entering in recovery mode.
  7. For doing this you must hold down the Volume Up rocker key and the Home Button while powering the device on.
  8. In the recovery mode menu perform a full wipe.
  9. Then, choose “Install Zip from SD Card” followed by “Choose Zip from SD Card” and get the file located there (see step 4).
  10. Wait until the process is done.
  11. Return on the recovery menu and select “reboot system now”.
  12. That’s it the Y Duos is now rooted.

How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

  1. Download the unrooting file from here and save it to the computer.
  2. Connect the device with the PC and copy the file you just downloaded into its SD card.
  3. Remove the phone from the computer.
  4. Turn it off and reboot in recovery mode. Do as explained above (take a look on the how to root section, step 7).
  5. Then, choose “Install Zip from SD Card” followed by “Choose Zip from SD Card” and get the file you copied in step 2.
  6. When the operation is completed you will be back on the recovery mode menu.
  7. Select “reboot system now”.

Finally, now you have a rooted Galaxy Y Duos smartphone so you can start improving its performances. Stay close as we will update you with new guides for your device. A custom ROM will be perfect for you, as the features which will be added are numerous. Anyway, remember that you can anytime revoke the root access by following the second section of this tutorial.

  • Ruchy

    Thx for the whole tutorial. But I didn’t get how to upgrade the internal memory…can u guide?

    • me too, i wanna know if it’s possible to increase the internal memory after rooting

      • kanna

        yes..!! we can surely increase our internal memory by link2sd app.

  • sherylizz

    ” You have a rooted Galaxy Y Duos smartphone so you can start improving its performances” – Could you please add a list of performances that’s possible after this “operation” ?
    Noobs don’t have a clue (yet), but Im willing to learn

    • Vishnu

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  • Sonu Singh

    HELP ME !
    hi admin … I need ur help urgently..

    I rooted my phone samsung galaxy y duos s6102,,, unfortunately my phone firmware is corrupted because of Titanium backup apps,,, now my phone is not being switch on,,, i searched all over the google for my phone firmware but i could not find it … Even I tried to update my phone firmware using Kies but KIES says that my phone does not support it.. I m very upset

    So now I need ur help… please provide me with firmware for my SAMSUNG GALAXY Y DUOS S6102..
    please help me … I will be very thankful to you.. my email is HAQ33QAT@gmail.com

    • Varghese Alex

      did you got any solution?

    • Yohan Perera

      Did you try booting the device into ‘recovery mode’ and selecting ‘factory reset’

      • I too have same problem with my device While pressing down volume key + Home Key + Start Key, it goes to custom OS screen, it shows continue to download OS & 2nd for restarting. While choosing 1st option goes into downloading (do not turn off target) but nothing happens. Samsung Kies too dont connect it

        • anonymous

          try volume up key+ home button key++ power key then reset both cache and internal vstorage

  • Jose

    Please can you post again file update.zip… when i click the link appear message “Invalid Attachment specified.”.

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Alex Dumitru

      I have updated the link and it now works.

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    • railey

      yes i did, but still got a problem with internal memory storage …cant move files to sd card

  • is it possible to increase the phone internal memory after rooting…

    • Yohan Perera

      Rooting cannot increase phone internal memory. However using Link2SD you can move all the non system app to the SD card and free up memory in the internal.

      • Gaurav Sharma

        If we delete useless application then automatically Internal space increase. In that space you may install another apps.

  • I don’t get this, all I want to know is if the internal memory is expandable. Will rooting it increase the memory? By the way what is root?

    • bob

      Root is a system where you can restore your data and increase your mobile storage

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      If you got wifi on your PC. Just download mHotspot and make your PC as a hotspot, so that you can connect ur phone to PC using wifi

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  • Yohan Perera

    Thank you so much. I upgraded my device to the latest firmware and ‘root’ went out the window. This tutorial helped me to re-root the device within less than 2 minutes…

  • Uhhmm , I would like to ask something. How could you put an “USB Storage” on your S6102 ? Mine only has SD Storage and Phone Storage or something.. And some on my friends has an USB Storage on their androids.. I already ask some of my friends what did they do for them to have a USB Storage but they only replied “I dont know” . Thank You. :)) :))

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        USB storage actually means mass storage

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