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How to Root Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider

Those who own a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider handset are in luck as we now have a root procedure for their Android powered smartphones. So, in this step by step guide we will be checking in how to unchain your phone’s internal system, by gaining root access to the same, all being explained and detailed in a few easy to understand and to apply steps. We will also check the pre requisites and the preparation tasks, meaning that you have all the info needed for safely completing the already mentioned operation.

The best argument for gaining root access on your LG Optimus Slider is related to the fact that once rooted, your phone will be opened for changes and improvements. You will have access to its operating system, being able to customize and optimize it by your own taste and you will be able to apply beta / unofficial updates along with custom ROMs firmware. Furthermore, in case you don’t know, there are numerous complex and powerful apps that require root access in order to run properly. So, why to avoid this possibility?

Well, some are choosing not to root due to one reason only: the warranty. As you will make changes in the default system (in fact the factory setting will be removed) the warranty will be void. So, if anything bad happens, or if you somehow damage the OS, than you will be on your own; no one will help you out. This is the only negative aspect that stands between you and an unlocked LG Optimus Slider. Don’t worry though, as you can anytime restore the warranty by updating your device with the stock ROM, or with an official ROM released by LG. In this way, your phone’s bootloader will be re-locked and the root access revoked.

As promised in the introduction I will bring you the pre requisites and the preparation tasks. But first, a recommendation from our part: before starting something the best will be to backup the LG Optimus Slider data as it might be wiped out without your knowledge. You can lose important personal info and I know that nobody wants that to happen. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to take care of this aspect as we have all you need right here:

Now that we had backed up the data, the next step to do will be in completing the preparation operations. It’s important to read these lines if you want to perform a safe and quick root process. Also, in this way you will be able to keep your LG Optimus Slider in safe hands. Just follow my directions:

  • Apply this step by step guide only if you own a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider.
  • You will have to use a computer. On it and your phone uninstall the security tools as it might interfere with the root operation.
  • Your device should have at least 70% battery power left, or else it might turn off in the middle of the work.
  • On your smartphone go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the USB debugging option.

And with this I am done with the pre requisites. You can go and start the proper tutorial now. Try to follow my directions, don’t do things by yourselves as you can brick your Android based smartphone.

How to Root the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider

  1. In order to root the device you should download the root file required. Get it from here and save the file on your computer.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Connect your phone with the PC. Use the USB cord.
  4. Form the folder in which the file was extracted open the “run” executable.
  5. Hit “enter”.
  6. Wait as now your handset is being rooted.
  7. In the end, the device should reboot.
  8. You can now disconnect it from the computer by removing the USB cable.

As you can see, the process was quite easy, as your job was only in getting the proper files. Anyway, the best part and what interest you is that now the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider is finally rooted. So, this means that you have work to do; there are many ROMs and firmware that awaits you, so don’t hesitate and flash the same on your smartphone.