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Safely Root Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact in a minute or less

A new one click root method has been made available by those of xda-developers for the Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact, so if you are currently looking for an easy to apply root operation, you are in the right place. This new root procedure can be safely applied for both Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact that run on any Android firmware thus you have all the reasons for using the guidelines from below. Of course, first of all read everything that’s explained here and then decide whether to complete or not this tutorial.

As already mentioned this new one click root solution has been made available for the Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact by Munjeni, a senior xda member so we should thanks the same for this step by step guide. Furthermore, it should be clear for you that gaining root access represents a custom operation that isn’t supported by Sony in any matter. Thus, this tutorial is unofficial and should be considered complex and risky, even though completing the same will only take a minute or two. Anyway, in case you mess things up (by completing things without checking the guidelines from below) you can end up in soft bricking your Android smartphone.

Damaging your device is bad especially considering that you are dealing with an unofficial operation – the warranty of your Sony Xperia Z1 / Xperia Z1 Compact will get void once you start the root procedure. Taking your phone back to service will imply in paying for the technical assistance and it can be quite expensive since the warranty is no longer valid. But if you stick to the details that are being explained here, everything will be fine and you will be able to safely gain root access in a minute or less by using this new dedicated one-click-root solution that has been made available for Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact.

The root access comes with various advantages and the main one is that you can install custom and complex apps that are requiring root in order to run properly. Then, on a rooted Xperia Z1 / Z1 Compact you can remove bloatware, add new features, change in built settings, install a custom recovery image, flash a custom ROM firmware, apply a custom kernel, overclock the CPU and so on. Basically, after completing this guide you will be able to customize and personalize the looks of your Android device and to improve and optimize its performances (you can bump the speeds, upgrade the battery life and improve the power).

But why is so important to root? Well, if you choose to apply this operation, you will unlock the internal system of your Sony Xperia Z1 / Xperia Z1 Compact. Moreover you will remove the default and factory restrictions from your phone and thus you will be able to tweak your Android device with ease. As you can already notice, completing this guide is a must, especially if you are an advanced Android user who wants to use his smartphone on full power and who wants to spice things up a little bit.

If you have decided to complete this new one click root method, then first you need to check the pre requisites list from below. During the following lines I have showed you how to properly prepare your device for the root operation that will follow and also I have mentioned how to protect your data and personal info.

  • Since this is a custom operation, the best will be to backup your data before going any further.
  • It is possible to lose everything that’s saved on the internal storage memory of your Xperia Z1 or Z1 Compact so you should use compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play in order to save what you think that you might need afterwards.
  • In that matter you should backup your contacts list, call logs, text messages, market apps, internet settings, personal data, info and accounts and even your images, videos and audio files.
  • On your smartphone you need to enable the USB debugging option because you will have to connect the same with a computer – the USB debugging option can be checked by going to “menu – settings – developer options”.
  • Of course, a computer will be required, while your phone and its USB cord should also be near you.
  • On the computer you are using the best will be to deactivate (only during the root process) the security protection, whether we are talking about antivirus or antimalware programs or about Firewall protection – these tools might interfere with our work.
  • It is recommended to charge your Android device (if there is less than 50% power left) before heading to the steps from below – do that because if your handset gets turned off during the root process, it might also get bricked.
  • Remember that this new one click root method is compatible with both Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact – the process can also be applied on any Android firmware. Anyway, don’t use the steps from below in case you own a similar or different Android device, as you can easily end up in bricking the same.

How to Safely Root Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact in a minute or less

  1. Download the root tool by going to this page.
  2. Save the file on your computer, preferable on your desktop.
  3. Unzip the file and navigate through the resulted folder.
  4. Now, connect your smartphone with your computer; plug in the USB cord in order to establish the connection.
  5. From the root folder run the Newsroot.exe executable file.
  6. From the window that will be displayed check the “check this to root your phone” option.
  7. Wait while your device is being rooted.
  8. In the end, unplug the USB cord and reboot your smartphone as you are done.

Note: in rare situations, after completing the root operation and while rebooting your handset, the Xperia Z1 / Xperia Z1 Compact might get stuck in a boot loop. If that happens, don’t panic and just enter recovery mode on your Android device. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. Then return to main menu of recovery and from there select “reboot system now”.

So there you have it; that’s how you can easily root your Sony Xperia Z1 or Xperia Z1 Compact by using a new one click root solution. If you have questions or if you just want to share your experience with us and with our readers, don’t hesitate and use the comments filed from below in that matter.

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  • Vasco

    Hi! Thanks for the information! Do you know if this method works with Sony Xperia Z1 with KitKat 4.4.4? Thanks!

    All the best,

    • Vasco

      Hi! I tried and it works, Very simple! Thanks!


      • Crncuga

        What did you did? I’ve tried with disabling windows firewall, security essentials, restarting everything, installing sony drivers, even companion. Start as an administrator, newroot says “please wait” and than “not-responding”. When I try to unzip it it requires a pass…

  • bloob

    Hey when i press proceed on the root program it says please wait and then says device not found. any help?

    • Tomas

      Same problem… With Z1 compact

      • medmedoc

        me too, same message, sony z1 compact, any idea?

        • idem

          I had the same problem. Then I found out, that I had to start the newsroot.exe as an administrator by clicking the right mouse button. Than it worked like a charm. Maby try that?

          • Michal Gregor

            Same problem, i tried also run as administrator, but not work with xperia Z1 compact, android 4.4.4

          • Crncuga

            Doesn’t work with me neither, I’ve tried like zillion times…

          • slimshadyhacker

            I cant get it to work, and it says it cant unzip the program because it needs a password. But when i try to run it, root it, it just says : Device not found… iv’e installed all the drivers, and tried starting as admin….som of my specs : Sony xperia z1 4.4.4 d5503 14.4.a.0.157

  • rayane

    merci beaucoup se marche avec merveille

  • Dániel D

    is this good for bootloader locked device ?

  • Navaf

    it says

    ADB server didn’t ACK
    * failed to start daemon *
    error: unknown host service

    Please help me :/

  • waleed

    how much time does it take to finish rooting it stuck at please wait :/

    • jimmy

      Same problem, help

  • Andre Moore

    You start by saying :
    -> Since this is a custom operation, the best will be to backup your data before going any further.
    You provide a link to the backup tutorial, which then says:
    ->First, you should root your device as you cannot install ClockWorkMod Recovery on an un-rooted handset

    I need to backup my device before rooting, but in order to backup I need to root the device. haha – back and forth I go???

  • lol

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  • john


  • Noel

    Hi! I would also like to know if it works with KitKat 4.4.4?

    • Kingroot version 4.1 used to work everytime, first time. It won’t even root my z1 through the pc now.
      Utter rubbish. Need a root now please

  • peter

    the method using newroot.exe does not work anymore since build 14.4.A.0.157
    you need to look for something up to date

  • mp

    does this work ?

  • money

    Loplipop .242 ? Test please!

  • giuseppe posillipo

    it works with 14.5.A.0.242 too ?

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    error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.???????

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      hey, did you find a solution to this error as is the same problem I have

    • Trygve Otfjes

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      me too getting the same problem! any luck??

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    Z1 with 4.4.4 try towelroot

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