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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come With Tizen Instead of Android

We have a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5, now that the release date is getting closer and now we’re hearing again that one variant of the device will come with Tizen OS instead of Android 4.4 KitKat. Along with this, it’s also rumored that it will feature an optical image stabilization camera (OIS) and aluminium body.

Tizen is Samsung’s proprietary operating system and they are expected to release some devices running it very soon. It’s pretty clear that Samsung intends to help this operating system become more popular, but shipping a Tizen OS Galaxy S5 would be a really long shot as it doesn’t come with Google Play and all the apps available for Android.

These rumors don’t have any clear source and I wouldn’t rely very much on them, as I don’t believe Samsung is willing to take that risk with Tizen just yet. Before releasing their flagship smartphone with their proprietary operating system, they need to attract developers and create a decent app store. Currently Google Play is the biggest app store and you can find virtually every app you need there.

It’s been proved already that operating systems without a wide range of apps don’t manage to get traction, as we’ve seen the struggle of Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Samsung has been trying for a while to distance themselves from Android, but we’ve seen a change once with the Galaxy Note 3’s release. Until now they didn’t say anything about Android in their smartphone releases, but that changed at the Unpacked event this month.

The Korean maker might have realized that Android is what helps them lead the smartphone market and they probably wouldn’t be able to do it without Google.

So you should be confident that Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t come with Tizen OS, as they can’t ship their flagship smartphone without an app store, while their competition has Google Play, the world’s biggest app store.

We do believe that it will feature an aluminium body and we’ve been the ones to break the news about this back in June. And it should feature OIS too, as camera technologies have evolved a lot and it’s now doable.

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