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S-OFF treatment for HTC Droid DNA is now available

Weeks after its official release, the HTC Droid DNA can have its S-OFF finally unlocked with some tools from the XDA developers forum.

If you S-OFF exploit your device you will then be able to install new custom ROMs, custom Recovery images and any other customization tools or files that will eventually improve the overall performance of your Droid DNA device. Such exploit should be used only by advanced users and your device should be rooted and superCID, as otherwise you won’t be able to apply the S-OFF treatment. More about the installation process can be found in the link listed at the end of this post, where you will learn exactly which steps you have to take in order to successfully S-OFF your device.

Beaups, an XDA recognized developer, is the one who created this tool and by using some simple adb commands, command prompt window and fastboot you should be able to successfully apply the Facepalm S-Off, as it is most commonly described by the XDA member and developer who released the tool. S-OFF means that your device will feature an open NAND storage that can be modified and customized so that users can then flash custom ROMs and other similar files.

The warranty of your HTC Droid DNA will be void after S-OFF. Also, you won’t be able to apply the changes in case your Droid DNA device is on the latest update.

The HTC Droid DNA was presented in October 2012, it was launched only in the US by Verizon on a two-year contract. It is waterproof and it packs a 5inch SuperLCD 3 1080 FullHD display, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 8MP camera, 2GB RAM, a battery of 2020 mAh and supports wireless charging. If you’re a power-user then you will really have to S-OFF the device in order to get the best performance out of it.

This S-OFF exploit can be used only with the HTC Droid DNA, HTC One S and HTC One XL. Other variants have not been confirmed to be working.

If your device is rooted and superCID (bootloader unlocked) and you want to install custom ROMs and other custom tools and files, then you will also have to apply the Facepalm S-OFF exploit. Test it and tell us in comments if it worked for your HTC Droid DNA.

Use this tutorial here and learn how to complete the tutorial that will help you get HTC Droid DNA S-OFF.