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Samsung Working on 20 MP Camera Module, But It’s Not for the Galaxy S5

According to Samsung insiders quoted by Korean media, the phone maker is working on a 20 MP smartphone camera that will be integrated in Samsung’s future flagship smartphones. As you probably know, Samsung is also developing a 16 MP camera module with low-light ISOCELL technology inside.

A source close to the Korea-based company told ETNews that, as of December 1st, Samsung’s R&D department kicked off a new project that involves the development of a new 20 MP smartphone camera sensor, including the related parts such as CMOS image sensors, auto-focus actuators, or high-index lenses. Unfortunately, there’s no information whether the new 20 MP sensor will have optical image stabilization or ISOCELL technology.

Given that the development of the new 20 MP camera only gained momentum a day ago, there’s no way Samsung will use it for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Reports are indicating that the production of the company’s 2014 flagship smartphone will start in January, while the new 20 MP camera will not be ready sooner than second half of 2014. If the report is accurate it means that we might have a small chance to see the new sensor on the Galaxy Note 4, but, it will most likely be used for Samsung’s 2015 flagship devices.

For what’s it worth, the 16 MP ISOCELL camera sensor is expected to be integrated in 25% of Samsung’s 2014 handsets, including the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5. Regarding the later one, it was reported that it won’t come with Optical Image Stabilization, because Samsung is encountering supply difficulties with the OIS module. Allegedly, the Koreans would only include an OIS camera module on the Galaxy Note 3 follow-up.

Anyway, there’s no way to check whether the rumors are true, therefore we are advising you to take them with a pinch of salt.