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Samsung Already Mass Producing Flexible Display. LG Just Got Served!

Samsung just announced that they are also going to mass produce a flexible display, as a response to LGs press release document where they presented the plastic based flexible display. Now, what’s more amazing is that Samsung reacted like a true market leader, taking LGs thunder and making it look like child play. What you’re about to read, shows the huge competition in technology and a true marketing movement by the best selling Android based manufacturer.

Now, remember the latest news when we announced that LG is going to start a mass production for flexible displays? And how excited we were once this step is done and when we are going to see the first smartphone with flexible display technology?  Well, forget about that because Samsung took out the heavy artillery and its blowing everyone out of its way. Minutes after LG proudly presented their short term plans and announced the mass production of flexible display, Samsung came out and claimed that they have already started the mass production of flexible displays and the first smartphone who will carry such display is going to be released these days.

Now, I’m not so easy to impress, but what Samsung did was like a Hollywood movie script where in the last 2 minutes, the good guy comes from nowhere and gives a lesson to the bad guy. Of course, here we don’t have good or bad guys, but we have a curved screen phone from Samsung around the corner and some better specs for Samsungs version of flexible display.

Samsungs version of flexible display has 0.12 millimeters thickness ( while LG presented their version with 0.44 millimeters in thickness ), and a 5.2 grams ( LGs version having 7.2 grams ), all wrapped with a 5.7 inches in diagonal, which is slightly smaller than the 6 inch Flex display from LG.

The previous post showed a 700 millimeters curvature for LG display, while Samsung claimed that their plastic based display can bend even more, reaching a 400 millimeters curvature. Now, looking at what happened in this short period of time, I don’t even know if it’s fair to take the “technology milestone” title back from LG and give it to Samsung, but if we have to make a briefly recap and point out the most important things, this is what you should know:

Both Samsung and LG are going to make flexible displays, Samsungs version is going to be thinner, lighter and more flexible while LG’s going to be bigger. Samsung is going to release a smartphone with flexible display technology these days while LG is rumored to release a curved smartphone somewhere in November. And most important, if you’re the first one to claim something, that doesn’t necessarily means you’re the first one who is actually doing it.