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Samsung and Best Buy Sign Three Year Partnership over Samsung Stores

According to the Best Buy and Samsung officials that have held a press conference recently at one of the Best Buy location in New York City, the Best Buy Samsung mini retail stores will be accessible for the customers for three years or more, so the people could be able ti purchase Samsung branded devices.

Tim Baxter who us the president of Samsung America declared that the two companies have closed an agreement which lasts three years, so that the Samsung retail stores could be placed in Best Buy locations all over the country. After three years, the two parts might extend the agreement, or not. Samsung expects to open up 1400 Experience Shops until June 2013, and 200 stores have already been opened.

Moreover, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly offered other interesting information, according to which Samsung and Best Buy are planning to further expand the partnership on Canadian territory. He also declared that the customers have been happy with the partnership and the companies have managed to sell an important number of Samsung products.

Joly was asked if the standard Blue Shirt Best Buy employees will be able to remain objective in spite of the Samsung activities in the landscape, and he answered that all the Best Buy employees will have the same job description and their advice will be as objective as until now.

When it comes to what Samsung products will be available in the Best Buy Samsung Experience Shops, you will find various devices such as the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4, as well as the Galaxy Tab 2, galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 8. However, things might change in terms of availability when the company will launch new products on the market.