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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S5 Release Date

We’ve been talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its release date a lot lately, because it’s probably going to be the most popular smartphone of the year. Now we have one more confirmation that the Galaxy S5’s release date will be this month, thanks to a post on the Samsung Tomorrow blog.

Their blog post talks about an improved flash LED which will come with a new smartphone, due to be released later this month. They did not specify which smartphone they’re talking about or a specific release date, but considering the Unpacked 5 event will be held on February 24, we are pretty sure that’s when we’ll first meet the Galaxy S5.

According to Samsung, their new LED technology, theĀ 3432 1.8t, will be used in their upcoming smartphone, which probably is the Galaxy S5. The flash LED should be able to allow for a wider field of view, while remaining as small as before. That sounds like good news, but the LED remains nearly useless for smartphones, considering it’s really low powered.

Their new LED announcement also leads us to believe the previous rumors about an improved camera on the Galaxy S5 were true. We expect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with a 16MP ISOCELL camera with a 1.12?m sensor. This should improve picture quality pretty much, bringing it closer to the quality of point-and-shoot cameras.

Lately Android phone makers have been struggling to pack high quality cameras in their devices, especially now that Nokia is clearly the leader on this market. This year we should see a lot of good cameras on the new Android smartphones, both thanks to the competition from Nokia and the new technologies.

We are just a few days away from the Galaxy S5 release date. We are pretty sure that Samsung is talking about it in their blog post and we don’t believe they would hold an Unpacked event for a less-important announcement. Until now they’ve only held Unpacked events for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, which leads us to believe the Galaxy S5 is really coming on February 24.


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