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Android 4.4 KitKat Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and Galaxy S3 Mini Isn’t Going to Happen

Samsung has confirmed earlier that the International Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini models will not receive any Android 4.4 KitKat Update.

SamMobile contacted Samsung Mobile UK about the KitKat update release date and if it will be released for Galaxy S3 I9300. Shortly, they received an answer that will disappoint millions of smartphone owners as Samsung officially stated that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 Mini 3G models will not be updated to the latest Android 4.4 firmware due to inadequate hardware capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and Galaxy S3 Mini smartphones are packing only 1GB RAM and it cannot support the latest Android platform upgrade without experiencing major problems. Android 4.4 is a power-hungry OS and 1GB RAM isn’t enough to run it smoothly. As you know the latest KitKat firmware build bersion along with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI are packing tons of new S features, an improved multitasking function that simply cannot be handled by the I9300 model.

This means that the Samsung document that was leaked yesterday might be in fact real and we will only get Android 4.4 KitKat update for the LTE variant of Galaxy S3.

If you own a Galaxy S3 3G then you shouldn’t worry as there are tons of different custom Android 4.4.2 ROMs designed especially for you to flash on your device. This works because the KitKat OS can work with 512 RAM, but that is only possible with stock Android features, while the new update from Samsung contains hundreds of other upgrades meant for their bloat apps. So, stick to a custom ROM and you will be fine as you can choose from CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, AOKP and multiple other great custom ROM releases to test Android 4.4 KitKat on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is currently running only the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and it might be the last OS version available for it, as there are no plans of upgrading it to a newer Jelly Bean build like Android 4.3.

Seeing that Samsung has decided to stop supporting the Galaxy S3 I9300 and Galaxy S3 Mini devices, then you might want to start looking to buy a brand new smartphone that comes with support for Android 4.4 KitKat. Tell us in comments what you think about this announcement, are you planning on buying a new flagship device or thinking on flashing a custom KitKat build for your current one?


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  • Andy

    And this is exactly why I moved from the Samsung Galaxy S line to the Nexus line.

  • Zoidian

    This is very disappointing!!!! Never buy samsung…I have bought S3 due to the fact that it is a flagship phone thinking it will receive full support of Samsung..Now this????I will buy a new flagship phone but not Samsung anymore..This is the biggest mistake they ever did..Most of S3 users will not buy samsung phones and will choose nexus or the Silver line from google..This will be the fall of Samsung!!!

    • Zoidian

      Millions of S3 users…think about that Samsung!! This means you will lose millions of customers…You’ll regret this!!!!

      • treep

        Agreed. I’ll certainly never ever be buying ANY Samsung products again. This is a move that they will regret!

  • meqanic

    good bye Samsung hello htc

    • Royston pinto

      I really prefer htc rather than samsung

  • Roman

    Big appointment rh

  • asdg

    Bye samsung

  • towaie

    believe me they don’t even give it a try they just put the name on the list to say we don’t leave the consumer behind , s3 is powerful device and kitkat is 512 ram needed so they just leave us behind before 18 moths support ( kitkat announced last year ) they would do the same for 2 ram model but there are a pressure on them from the carrier company , that’s it Samsung last device ever , welcome nexus.

  • joaco

    Samsung, never again!!!

    • Royston pinto

      Makes no sense in buying samsung

  • Nick

    Samsung = loser

  • patron

    Since Sammy is acting like an a$$hole:
    No KitKat for my S3 no Samsung for me. EVER.
    Gonna easily convince half of my large family to stop buying Samsung products as well.

    At least I’m honest!

  • kurt

    Fu…. Samsung, will NEVER buy a Samsung product again, after the 4 3 update the s3 has been horrible! !!

    • Brett

      Yeah it has been horrible since the 4.3 update
      Thanks samsung NOT. .

    • Royston pinto

      Actually 4.3 was a sh*t update
      Even my S3 is horrible
      Never will i buy samsung again

  • nutellaluv

    I got the update and I have an S3

    • Seiji

      Which S3 are you using..?

  • ti

    Samsung ma vraimant déçu

  • ti

    Pourquoi ne pas avoir angmanter la ram sur les S3 ? Déjà que la mise a jour android 4.3 étais un désastre pour les s3 maintenant samsung ne mais pas a jour son mobile le plus vendu de tous. J espère que samsung va faire un nouvelle mise a jour pour irradier android 4.3 de ces s3 parce que après la correction de cette version certains des s3 beug toujours.

  • aalok

    Samsung is looser……I will also move to iPhone or Lumia Series than frustrated Samsung and google policy. Kit kat is available in market from more than one year. if Samsung provide kit kat at time the 18 month policy was not problem. but who care million of users. such company doesn’t know if they are top mobile company then they can be also last in few years……..I never suggest anyone or even I will not buy any Samsung mobile and android mobile.

  • Aditya

    first you give us the crappy update the 4.3 Jellybean after making us wait for a very long time..it completely ruins the phone..moreover you are not even interested in fixing it..the battery drains out like anything..
    and now no update..
    wake up samsung this was The smartphone of the year..
    i just dont understand why the fk you guys make different variants of the same phone(2gb & 1gb)…
    or atleast give the consumers to choose between these two variants..
    yeah i’m switching to the lumia 930 or the new iphone..

    • R Valencia

      4.3 update causes my i9300’s battery to drain faster i.e. it doesn’t last a day anymore and that’s with power saving enabled. It seems Nexus 5 would be my next LTE phone.

  • WH

    I put off rooting my S3. But I guess it’s time. I knew this time would come. But the s3 is a great phone! Really no need to buy another! One reason smartphone sales have fallen. Did I want Kitkat? .yes. Do I NEED KitKat? I don’t think so. But like the article says, I can still get Kitkat thru a custom rom. Sooooo, time to study up on rooting!

  • NHK

    Samsung is not fair to Asian people because of 1GB RAM.

  • WH

    I would like to say I was hoping the KitKat upgrade would fix the issues with the 4.3 disaster. For that I will root the phone and upgrade to a custom Rom running KitKat.

  • sanxheZ100

    Think goodness im getting the 4.4 I was so worried I woint ^.^ but I love my phone with the 4.3 no problems at all but I cant wait for the 4.4 to arrive!

  • Tomas

    Smartphone for 500€ and for what?! For infinite lagging? 8-hour batery life? And many others issues. After this i will never buy ANY samsung device! Good bye samsung

    • raafat

      yes soo trueeee @!

  • GB

    I do not unerstand, even with 1 GB Ram why no kitkat update? I love my S3 but this is probably last time I buy Samsung smartphone! Touchwiz is a complete bloat on an otherwise good hardware config. Time to move onto pure android experience so will go only for Nexus from next time.

  • Royston pinto

    What dafaq is this
    I want an update for S3 4.4.2
    Never buy a samsung smartfone
    It does not have international waranty also

  • MAD

    Byebye samsung hello nexus infact i feel like throwing in the trash

  • Tang

    That is just Samsung’s lame excuse

  • amir

    Samsung, never again

  • Suman Ghosh

    Big disappoint for me, also disappoint millions Indians. I was waiting for kitkat till last two months. Samsung is a cheater. It’s very rumours that they can’t update s3 GTI9300, because of 1GB of RAM. Good story samsung. Same will be also happens with next generation galaxys smartphones. Hate you samsung. I will never buy samsung device. Good bye Samsung forever.

  • varun

    very disappointing, as i was waiting for new OS since i was facing issues due to lots of bugs in recent android version…This will for sure affect Samsung new buyers. Hope Samsung will look into the issues being faced by the current s3 users mainly Power drain..

  • Hadi Raza

    Unbelievable… Samsung galaxy s3 Inspired by Nature Design For Human WTF is that why Samsung will not give us kit kat I want to say Samsung that s4 n 5 will not famous like a hero but your galaxy s3 is the gold crown of your total mobile phone list n now u leave your customers more than 5 million s3 users..
    I don’t buy again Samsung Mobile
    Iphone or Nokia Lumia
    Byeeeeeeee Byeeeee Samsung

  • Ninad

    Flash a ROM guys…. I faced the same situation as you guys when Google announced that it would no longer support galaxy nexus. I immediately flashed cyanogenmod and u got a stable KitKat build and now I am loving my phone. Currently on slimkat stable 4 which IMO is best KitKat rom for my device. So root your s3’s which is very safe and see how powerful your device is.

  • Snugbug

    I came across this article as I was researching the Galaxy s3 mini. Have never owned a smartphone before but was about to buy this as it is very affordable. I am not a complete technophobe but have just never got round to buying one. My mother in law owns one and it’s easy to use, has access to Google talk so I could use to communicate with my partner on his ipad when he is away so he can see our daughter. If I buy this phone now am I going to experience major problems?

    • You shouldn’t experience any major problems.

      But you should know that Google Talk has been replaced with Google Hangouts, which is merely an improvement that is available on Android, iPhone and computers and allows you to send texts, make video calls or share files.

  • Jon

    The reason they aren’t supporting that model of the S3 is because of the hardware incapabilities, not because they just don’t feel like it. Maybe instead of blaming them for not updating, why don’t you take a look in the mirror and ask “Why didn’t I get a phone with more RAM?” instead of jumping on the bandwagon and pointing fingers at Samsung… Plus if everyone here were using their Android to its fullest extent, you’d probably be running custom ROMS or at least be rooted.

    Sorry but someone had to say it.

    • phill

      kit kat requires 512mb of ram its not the hardware its the touchwiz sorry someone had to say ….. to you

  • sraman

    It’s a waste to buy samsung. Version 4.3 was also with full of bugs. No steady update for samsung so far. Also, it’s really sad to hear that s3 won’t receive kitkat update. Totally a great upset for S3 users.

  • paul

    Jellybean 4.1.2 is working great for me on my I9300, although as soon as I experience problems I will consider a Cyanogenmod ROM, before I think about getting a new device. In the future I will be going for a bloatware free device!

    • paul

      PS the 4.3 update was horrific, hence why I’m still on 4.1.2!

  • Gruzzen

    I will never buy an Android mobile again and definitely not one from Samsung.

  • ari ramdhany

    very disappointing ckck

  • butterfly dr

    Not fair that samsung still supports siii US and others while international versions are at the bottom of their list!! We are the last to push in any upgrades..they could design a custom OS upgrade for us..i dont want to root my mobile and i love it… last upgrade jelly bean 4.3 was a battery drainer and lots of useless softwares that i cant even uninstall and free my memory of!!
    very disappealing reply from such a well known firm. What a disgrace!!

  • Asutosh

    I ‘ll never buy Samsung again

  • raafat

    BYE BYE 1.4Quad CORE A9 PHONE !!

  • Warchylde

    So if they take their bloatware crap off the phone it will run just fine…. there are kitkat rom’s for the phone that do….

  • nouman

    Very very bad and bad android and I OS Company
    when they upgrade to new version then not suport to older version.
    next time I dont buy android or I OS Phone buy only black berry or windows phone I mean nokia.

  • Paul S

    I need v4.3 minimum for my son to enable his new smartwatch to work, I wish I knew that before investing £180 for his new birthday present and he now can’t use it with his Samsung S3 phone ????
    Very frustrating….