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Samsung Electronics has launched Drive Link app for drivers in 21 countries

Drive Link app for Android

The Samsung Electronics has released the Drive Link application that can be used in cars by drivers while they are behind the steering wheel. It is available from Samsung Apps and at the moment it is available only for selected countries.

The Drive Link smartphone app is currently available for Galaxy S3 and it has been designed to be used while drivers as it packs a music played, navigation software and a hand-free talking tool. Besides all these apps, it packs other useful tools that you can use while driving.

Drive Link tool for drivers has met the requirements and standards set by the Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association which means that the app is safe and it can be used anywhere, as long as you have a car kit or a dock that can hold the phone. The UI of the app is user-friendly and you can access all the apps’ functions easily and fast by pressing only a single button per menu.

When you’re loading the Drive Link app you’ll be welcomed by the home screen which tells you the time and weather info for your current location. It can be synced with your S Calendar in Samsung Galaxy S3. It comes with full navigation support that uses the phone’s GPS functions. The best feature included within is the one that allows you to load an address into the APP right from your text message app and set it as your destination.

You might wonder how is Drive Link connecting with your car and the answer is the MirrorLink, which is a connectivity protocol that connect the phone and app to your cars In Vehicle Infotainment. This service is supported by multiple car brands like the Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Daimler, Honda, and the Hyundai. The car head units from this Car Connectivity Consortium that are supported are the JVC KW NSX11, Alpine ICS-X8, Sony XAV-701BT, Sony XAV-741 and Sony XAV-601BT.2. Other supported car head units will receive support in the coming weeks.

The music files that are currently stored on your phone can be accessed by the app and played through your car’s sound system. Also, it has support for TuneIN, which is a popular Internet Radio tool that features over 70,000 radio stations and millions of other on-demand radio programs and shows that can be streamed and accessed from all continents.

The application can be downloaded through Samsung Apps and for the moment, it is supported on the Samsung Galaxy S3 GHT I9300 smartphone. Other Android devices that are currently running Ice Cream Sandwich will be supported in the next few months. Drive Link has support for text-to-speech in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Drive Link app for Android can be downloaded only from Samsung Apps and it can be installed on devices from the following 21 countries: UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ukraine. It is free to use and if you’re currently in one of those countries, you should access Samsung Apps and download Drive Link and give it a ‘test drive’.Drive Link app for Android