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Samsung Files Patent for a Padfone-like Device

I’m not surprised to hear that Samsung filled a patent for a new type of device, but I can’t say I’m not surprised to hear that the new patent is talking about a device that can be described as a Padfone. You are not familiar with the Padfone concept? Well, learn that it’s a smartphone that can be inserted into a station that contains a larger display, transforming it into a tablet.

We are talking about patent number D685,774, granted on July 9th 2013 by US Patent and Trademark Office to the South Korea-based company. I am sure that Samsung wanted to has its back covered in an attempt to avoid any lawsuits with ASUS, especially that, as far as I know, there’s already a cheap device on the Asian market, which is adopting the same design. Anyway, ASUS didn’t bother to take the respective manufacturer to court.

Returning to Samsung’s Padfone-like device, I find the smartphone’s shape quite odd, which is rather a reminiscent of a flip phone. Even though the patent sketch in the filing reveals an audio jack, microUSB port, and a Power button, there’s no sign of the volume rocker, SIM tray, speakers, camera or LED flash.

Even though the ASUS Padfone is an amazing device, the terminal didn’t become too popular, mostly because, for some reason, you can’t find it in the carrier’s offers. Moreover, the ASUS Padfone is quite expensive, having a price tag of $1,000+ which is scaring most of the customers.

What do you think the Samsung patent is about? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.