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Samsung Galaxy Q with Full HD Flexible OLED Display Expected to Drop at MWC 2013

Samsung has teased its flexible AMOLED displays for a while, but so far the South Korea giant didn’t launch any such product on the market. It seems though that we will be able to see a Samsung Galaxy Q in flash, a device that will reportedly pack a flexible display with full HD resolution.

Last year, there were reports saying that the South Korea-based phone maker will fit a flexible display inside the Galaxy S4, but it was obvious that Samsung won’t do so. The Galaxy S line-up contains the best selling products of the company, and Samsung can’t afford running experiments on the Galaxy S4, a smartphone that is expected to become the best-selling Android smartphone ever.

You simply can’t know how the public will react to a smartphone with a flexible display, thus Samsung will launch a different device to test the market. If the alleged Samsung Galaxy Q will become a successful product, the company will definitely use the flexible display technology on more products in its portfolio.

The South Korean company brought the YOUM prototype at CES 2013, in order to demo the flexible OLED displays. The terminal was running on an unknown operating system, and it was lacking important features like camera app, or phone call function. Of course, that was just a prototype.

Sources claim that Samsung will bring a flexible display terminal at MWC 2013, unofficially dubbed Galaxy Q, a terminal that will hit the store shelves sometime this year.

The rumor mill speculates that the mysterious Samsung Galaxy Q will boast a foldable OLED display with full HD resolution. Galaxy Q might be underpinned by Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 5 Dual processor (the same unit fitted on the Nexus 10 tablet), based on two Cortex A15 cores and helped by a Mali T604 MP4 GPU. The terminal might also come with 2 GB of RAM.

Of course, the flexible OLED display will be the main selling point of the Samsung Galaxy Q, but let’s not pop the champagne yet, and wait for MWC 2013 to debut, where more details about the terminal will be officially revealed.

Would you consider purchasing an Android-powered Galaxy Q with flexible display? The comments section bellow is all yours.