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Samsung Galaxy Fame coming to Three UK: A new Affordable 3.5-inch Jelly Bean-powered smartphone

Those who are looking forward in getting a new budget friendly with decent specs Android Jelly Bean based smartphone can now wait for the Samsung Galaxy Fame, as Three UK had just announced that the phone will be released soon. So, if you aren’t willing to spend all of your money for one of the high end handsets available on the market, you can test the new Galaxy S3-like Samsung Fame, which comes with mid-range performances, which will be perfect for satisfying the needs of an entry level customer.

The Galaxy Fame is actually a re-designed Galaxy S3, the design being similar with the S3 one. So, if we are to talk about the looks, there is nothing important to mention as there is nothing new for us. But, if you think that you will be able to impress your friends with a device that looks like the S3, then the Fame will definitely not disappoint your expectations.

Specs wise, the Galaxy Fame will be coming with a relatively small 3.5 HVGA display, with a single core 1GHz processor, only 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage memory, a microSD card slot, a 5 MP rear facing camera with LED flash, a front VGA facing camera and with a 1300 mAh Li-Ion battery. The best part is that the Flame will be featuring the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, so you will be getting the latest Android experience with all its features and capabilities.

As already mentioned, Three UK announced that the Samsung Galaxy Fame will be released soon; unfortunately the exact date is still missing but if we are to believe the rumors the smartphone will be launched in early March. Also, there are no words about the Fame future pricing offers, but considering its performances the price tag will be an affordable one.

That’s all we could find out so far, so what do you say, are you interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy Fame, or you rather wait for other devices to be revealed?