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Samsung Galaxy Fonblet Identified On Samsung’s Official Website, Sports 6.3-inch Display

The latest Samsung branded flagship, the Galaxy S4, is out for the taken, but that doesn’t mean that the company is done for this year as it’s planning to launch a few other Android handsets like a new Galaxy Tab line and the Galaxy Note 3, but also a bigger Samsung Galaxy Fonblet which has been rumored at the beginning of the year.

Although, it was initially expected to be a very large smartphone, the Galaxy Fonblet will actually be a tablet, according to a new report. Online publication Ameblo has spotted the device on Samsung’s support page, which is a little bit curious, but let’s trust the Japanese website.

They say that the new Samsung Galaxy Fonblet will come with a 6.3-inch screen, just like the previous report mentioned. However, lets take this with a little grain of salt because the Galaxy Note 3 too, was rumored to pack a display with the same size, but the more recently appeared rumors suggest that the next Galaxy Note phablet will in fact have a 5.9-inch screen.

At the Galaxy S4 Unpacked event, the company also presented a Game Pad that has support for handsets with up to 6.3-inch displays. At the time we though that 6.3-inch display device will actually be the Galaxy Note 3, but it seems that our supposition was wrong, and the Galaxy Fonblet will be the mysterious large handheld that the Sony officials were talking about.

In spite of the fact that the official Samsung website is listing the Fonblet as a standard tablet, we have reasons to believe that the device will allow its users to make phone calls, too. There are three different Fonblet variants listed and all of them have phone capabilities. The model numbers are: I9200 (GSM,) GT-I9205 (LTE/WCDMA) and GT-I9208 (TD-SCDMA/GSM. Naturally, until Samsung will provide an official confirmation nothing is set in stone, but we’re pretty sure that we’re looking at the real deal here.

Of course, the phone call feature isn’t that much of a surprise as this would not be the first Samsung tablet that can make phone calls. There is not need to say that the Galaxy Note 8 comes with the same function, and it’s an even bigger tablet than the Galaxy Fonblet. Also, there is a rival tablet that does the exact same thing, namely the Asus Fonepad.

For now, details about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Foneblet are not available, but we will probably find out more in the following weeks, so stay tuned.