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Samsung Galaxy Frame to be Announced at MWC 2013

Considering the latest rumors and the analysts’ forecasts it seems that Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will not be set for Consumer Electronics Show (January 2013) or Mobile World Congress (February 2013). But this won’t mean that the South Korean phone maker isn’t preparing someĀ surprisesĀ for both events.

One of the new terminals that will debut early 2013 might be Galaxy Frame, a new name for Samsung’s portfolio. Rumor has it that we are talking about a mid-end handset, with a display diagonal that is yet unknown.

The Asian phone maker has recently launched the Galaxy Grand model, a smartphone that packs a 5-inch display with modest resolution and dual-core CPU.

“Frame” makes be think about the bezel surrounding the display, therefore we might see the first edge-to-edge smartphone from Samsung, after Motorola tried its luck with RAZR i.

What we know for sure is that Samsung Galaxy Frame is codenamed GT-S6810, which is somewhat related to Galaxy Ace. We also know is that it will come in pearl white body livery and that it will most likely run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

I am also expecting to see a new Galaxy Tab coming from Samsung over the coming couple of months, because since Galaxy Note 10.1 (and ignoring the Nexus 10), the South Korea-based company didn’t launch any Android tablets. It seems that the end of 2012 brought us a Windows 8-friendly Samsung company.