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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA Update Available Now in India

The Official Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update for Galaxy Grand 2 (Dual SIM) model is rolling out right now in India, the rest of the world should get the new firmware update files soon.

The Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 is one of the most popular Android devices currently being sold in India and, if you own this model you need to keep an eye on your phone’s notification panel from now on. The roll out takes place in phases and you might not get the firmware update today or tomorrow.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update comes with numerous new features like white status bar icons, new multi-window support for tons of other extra applications, wireless printing, support for setting default messaging apps, default home launchers, expanded emoji, upgraded Samsung apps, closed captions support, lockscreen tweaks, and others.

Also, with Android 4.4.2 KitKat installed on your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 you will get improvements for your device’s battery life. Tell us in comments if the new G7102XXUBNG4 firmware update has arrived and if you have found any new features that weren’t listed above.

When your Galaxy Grand 2 device displays the Android 4.4 update notification you will simply need to confirm the download and installation. The phone will then start to install all the new files automatically and you won’t lose any data in the process. Note that the update is usually rolling out in phases for smartphones that are already running a stock Android firmware,all devices with custom ROMs installed cannot receive updates from Samsung.

In case the update notification hasn’t arrived you can choose to search yourself manually for new files by going to Settings> About Device> Software Updates. Hit the ‘check now’ button and then confirm the download if there is a new Android 4.4.2 firmware available for installation.

At the moment only the Samsung Grand 2 Dual-SIM G7102 has received the update files, but you can bet the that ‘single-SIM’ model will soon get the whole KitKat 4.4.2 treatment. After India the new firmware files should arrive for device all over the world by the end of this month or by mid-August.

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  • javed

    can i Do IT in pakistan ??????????????

  • javed

    can i do in pakistan plz telll me ???????????????//

    • Nitin Narale

      yes of-course but dont try

  • Mitul Mb

    Got 4.4.2 supper cool getting 3 hrs of extra battery life optimized performance the quality of color got a bit brighter reat is cool…

    • Asif ullah

      #Mitul Mb , Please tell me how is the gran 2 phone in use , should i buy this one plz suggest

    • Mark Anthony Degamo

      I agree, but my phone keeps restarting from time to time.

      • Meow

        I got update yesterday and once upgraded my mobile was restarting in every 2, 3 min. Keyboard wad not showing. So got other problem too. Bt i was able fix this by cache clear and factory reset from recovery mode. Note before factory reset keep ur data backup.

  • Nitin Narale

    Please Don’t Upgrade to KitKat its totally worst update from samsung thousands of bugs in this update…

    • Shivam

      Hello Is there a way to uninstall it

      • Nitin Narale

        There is no option to revert this os
        i had fixed from service cente

    • rohit

      God bless samsung mind and samsung ph holders lolzzzzz ????????????????

    • Jayesh Shertate`

      u must have added pirated bugs apps on ur cell.

      • Nitin Narale

        but problems still going on when device is already factory reset..
        and i am only uses play store app…

  • Shivam

    I think this update has problem its restarting again and again, Please help how can I get this sorted…

    • Rachit Grover

      Hi. if you r facing this problem just go Samsung store/ Service Centre they will properly upgrade your phone and your problem will be resolved

  • Kapil Upadhyay

    i have downloaded the kitkat update to my grand 2 ..
    but my front camera view is very zoomed..
    not like before..it has very small range..

    please any one tell me the solution…

    • manu

      check your camera reso;ution. 😀

  • Dushyant Dave

    Hey I had the the same problem.My phone was
    restarting after every 2 mins. But the problem is resolved after I
    started my phone in SAFE mode. To enter into Safe mode – just after
    restarting your phonen it displays The makers name and name of the phone
    model just keep pressing volume down key until it shows home screen.
    Your phone’s Down left corner will have small black strip that reads
    Safe Mode. Then it will display a message that phone upgraded
    successfully. Then see if it is running smoothly. After that you can
    restart your phone as you do normally. It helped me wish it’ll help you
    all. Be ready to enjoy KITKAT. Have a good day.

    • Abhinav Kashiv

      thanks Mr. Dave for valuable info…the same prob I faced while updating KiKat version…

  • Annamalai

    Yes its true…after the update phone keeps restarting again and again….Volume display not shown if we press volume button…..phone applications slow….Please dont upgrate to KitKat for Grand 2

    • Mani

      I too had the same problem. I just removed my sdcard and restarted my phone. Now it’s working fine. I even inserted my sd card now… Its superb. Battery life is much better now

      • Mark Anthony Degamo

        Really that simple? I don’t want to reformat my phone since I already made a lot of customization on it.

  • artlover20112 .

    For People Who Suffer from new Kitkat Update I Found Several Solutions Around The Internet Please Confirm If It Worked For You

    Method 1 – make a backup, restore everything to
    factory and then restore the backup …
    Method 2 – enter into Safe mode – just after restarting your phonen it displays
    The makers name and name of the phone model just keep pressing volume
    down key until it shows home screen. Your phone’s Down left corner will
    have small black strip that reads Safe Mode. Then it will display a
    message that phone upgraded successfully.

    I Don’t Know If These Solutions Are Working Or Not My Country Is Egypt And No KItkat Update Just Yet

  • Jatin Kathuria

    there is calling problem in kitkat update one sim is working fine but when you insert both sim one of the sim will not able to use mic and speaker during the call means nor you can hear what the other side person is saying and even you wil not able to use mic .. This is the bug if you use single sim then its working fine but when using both sim one of the sim will create this problem .. after update so its better not to update now till the next update for this issue

    • manu

      please format your phone after evry update.then only show the new performance and zero error.ok

  • Mark Anthony Degamo

    I just downloaded a 42MB firmware update but still have 4.3…is it the first phase?..I’m from philippines btw

  • Rachit Grover

    Updated Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 from Android Jelly Bean 4.3 to Android KitKat 4.4.2 from Samsung store , The phone is really working fine but as gone through the latest upgrade nothing much new in this upgrade as earlier told the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will also get NFC support but its not there. Talking about the Pros the performance of the Phone is much better and works faster from the previous version of Android Jelly Bean 4.3. My simple advice if your are planning to upgrade your Grand 2 just go to nearby Samsung Store they will upgrade your phone in a better way as compared by upgrading by yourself

    • Jayesh Shertate`

      there is no need to go to store, its just download and upgrade….

  • Masamune Suzuki

    good job… i wish android 4.4 come to galaxy mega 5.8 with OTA upgrade

  • Raths

    My galaxy grand2 . The official kitkat update is not showing . Its showing that the latest software has already been installed