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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 OTA Update now Available

The Galaxy Note 10.1 users can now get excited as the highly-expected OS update has just been made available by Samsung and can be OTA (Over The Air) received and applied. Don’t get too enthusiastic though, as I am not talking about a Jelly Bean OTA release, ICS still being on charge for your recently launched tablet. Anyway, the OTA update is actually quite important due to the numerous bug fixes that come along, from now on, your Galaxy Note 10.1 being able to perform smoothly as the reported issues are being resolved.

The Note 10.1 tablet was not that “good” as Samsung presumed, the customers preferred (and still preferring) other Android powered tablets which were (at the time the Note was offered) already available on the market. Maybe that’s why Samsung is waiting so much with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, though many custom ROMs are being leaked for the Note 10.1 handsets. For those who don’t know, the device has high end specs with a quad core 1.4 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 / 32 / 64 GB storage, 5 MP camera on the back and a 1.9 MP one in the front and the 10.1 PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen.

So, why isn’t this tablet more popular among Android users? An answer to this question might be its OS. As stated, Ice Cream Sandwich is on charge, but that’s not the only unfortunate thing about the Note 10.1. According to those who had tested the device, the system has numerous bugs and issues, so it’s really unpleasant to deal with such thing. Anyway, now with this OTA update Samsung had managed to resolve these problems, so the Galaxy Note is now running a more stable platform than it used to.

Now, the OTA improvement comes with KeyBoard pop-up issue fixed, landscape option included to S-Note, pal zoom bug in S-Note resolved, exFAT Fix – 64 GB microSD cards now supported, S-Note scroll bar included for being used when needed. The upgrade has 75 MB, so it is just a minor improvement to the stock ROM of your Galaxy Note 10.1. For being able to receive it, your tablet must have internet connection enabled or WiFi connection. All you have to do is to the Settings menu and choose to download and install the OTA update. Take note that the carrier might charge you for that.

As soon as you apply the OTA update and test it, share your impressions with us and with other users by using the comments area from below. Also, if you want to update your device with Jelly Bean custom ROMs firmware, don’t hesitate and search for the same through our how to section. Stay close and check our daily posts for further news and Android related guides and tricks.

  • Sandellyo Kauba

    Read the reviews by people who actually own this device, like myself, we love this product. Check Amazon, it has high ratings like the Galaxy Note 5.3 did, while tech reviewers was still bashing it 8 or 9 months ago, now they respect the G-Note 5.3. Some of these reviewers just read what other reviewers say and follow suit. I put a 64GB sd card in the Note 10.1 prior to this update, three weeks ago. I own the GT N8000 3G from Germany and it is a “Beast” with over 6,000 Standard Quadrant, great battery life, 2GB of RAM…. This tablet with full phone functions simply is a “game changer” for people who seek versatility (universal remote, Wacom technology, DLNA, external SD card, Multi-tasking, front facing speaker and a 7000mh battery). Also look up some videos of the leaked jelly bean update, it just gets better.

    • Jimmy N

      True, I own the USA Note 10.1 and it is awesome. Even before the update the tablet was already amazing. A lot of initial reviewers bashed the tablet even though it ran fine. The tablet has so many features that other tablets lack. The S Pen is probably the best thing about the tablet. There are times when I forget and try to use the S Pen on my Galaxy S II. It makes me want to get the Note 2.

    • Garrett Shaw

      I own one also, it’s absolutely the best tablet I’ve ever owned. To see all the other co-workers trying to write or type during meetings on those ithings is priceless. What bugs? I really haven’t seen any.

      But I really like the scroll bar in S-Notes, very nice addition. I am going to the the Note 2, so, I hope there is some integration, Samsung. I’m not sure why all the tech reviewers don’t like it. I also love the multi windows, surfing web while in a meeting and still taking notes. Com’on! I love it, did I say this thing is a BEAST!

  • angel maldonado

    I really don’t understand all the bad reviews this tablet has. It is the most stable and fast tablet I’ve ever owned (I have the transformer prime with the official jelly bean and also I’ve used my sister’s ipad and none of these are better than the note 10.1). It’s already a beast now with ICS and I’m hoping it will get the same features that come in the galaxy note 2 (when the jelly bean update comes out for the note 10.1).

    • zalada

      anyone else notice after the update the keyboard no has hanwriting option! looks like an oopsie. why would they remove it? by accident???

      • eggy

        I received the update this morning, and the keyboard still has the the pen option.

  • TS

    Really you shouldn’t even write articles like this … you clearly did not do your homework. Users of this tablet love it. Yes it has ICS but have you used JB? Not an earth shattering improvement. I have the note 10.1, Asus TF700, Ipad 3 and the note is BY FAR better than all of them. No bugs, no lag no issues with heavy use EVERYDAY, work notes, videos, emails etc. Great tablet… a little too plasticy but thats the only downside I have.

  • James

    I agree, I absolutely love my NOTE 10.1, and I came over from an iPad. I think that its very underated. I wish people would give it more of a chance, I think beats iPad hands down

  • Mac2Day


  • Tell the true

    I have one and really have note seen any of the bugs mentioned in the article…..simply the best tablet out there right now and note that I have other tablets too.

  • Bryan Farme

    I am a tech addict and currently own 4 tablets, I have also owned the Xoom in the past and the much touted Asus Transformer Prime, aswell as others. I bought the Note 10.1 two weeks ago after owning the smaller phablet version since it’s release and really love it. As mentioned by the majority of other owners who have left comments, this tablet is by far the best I have used, it is really spectacular and does so many things that other tablets cannot including the Ipad. The author of this article clearly doesn’t own one. I have a Google Nexus 7 which obviously runs Jellybean, but I find myself reaching for the Note a lot more often. The reason the tablet IS popular with Android users is in fact mainly because of Samsung’s Touchwiz skin with integrated S pen apps, the current OS doesn’t have much to do with it. Anyone thinking about getting one should throw caution to the wind and just do it, you won’t regret it.

  • alkandery75

    Moved from Asus TF700 to Note 10.1 and I’m really liking it… Much more better, fast, smooth, stable and fancy… Go go Sam…

  • zalada

    i want ha writing back on keyboard wth

  • zalada

    anyone else notice the update removed hanwriting option on virtual keyboard??

  • Robert Baker

    I have a question for those who owned a GN10.1 from the start, and then gotten the update. Background: I test drove a GN10.1 in the store (Best Buy) for about 50 minutes: S note and pen was great but the multi windows (going from one to the other) was laggy and hard to “cut a picture from the internet and paste it in the S Note.” Many key presses, put file here, then copy there…accidentally taking screen shots all the time, could crop those but not “cut/paste” into S Note; also couldn’t take a handwriting recognition note in S Note without it interrupting every 5 seconds when I paused, then couldn’t seamlessly join the text. When I got home, I watched the 10 minute+ Samsung presentation of the GN2 that seemed to do all that EASILY. I really want the 10 inch platform, not a 5.5 inch one, but feel the software integration isn’t smooth enough to warrant the purchase. So close, Samsung. Question: Does the 10.1 with OTA update function as smoothly as the GN2 (appears to)? If not, will the 10.1 “cellular version” (to be released later this year) get there? Thanks in advance for sharing your personal experiences. – RJ

  • Mick

    Anyone know why my n8010 in australia hasnt received this update yet ?

  • Nak

    Wow, really bad article. Ever think about checking your facts? Or do you just print whatever comes to mind? “Customers prefer, and still prefer the Note 10.1”. Stores can’t keep it in stock. Users overwhelmingly rate it the best tablet available today. Maybe you don’t like it Liviu, but reporting that customers don’t is either a lie or sheer stupidity and ignorance. Which is it?

  • Justin

    I have the note 10.1. LOVE IT. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of the Galaxy Note II running Jellybean, in particular the multi-screen and multitasking stuff. I was blown away! When the Note 10.1 gets the JB update it will destroy EVERY tablet out there. Samsung really has innovated and is really focusing on the user experience with this next update. They are doing stuff that no one else is doing. Sure the Asus tabs with a keyboard dock are good, but thats just an accessory..I find all the TouchWiz tweaks coming to Jellybean are just mind blowing. Samsung has really moved to the next level now..

  • Mudd

    This is the first tablet I’ve used that I haven’t switched to 3rd party launchers and keyboards. It’s just so feature-packed. I’ve been debating trying some custom roms, but I don’t want to lose any functionality that this version of Touchwiz has. The only gripe I have is with Polaris Office, but that’s completely not Samsung’s fault.

  • eggy

    I have never owned an apple device, and maybe it is a pretty decent brand, but, this tablet Rocks!
    I have a Motorola xyboard 8.2, and I must say that The Note 10.1 is A Huge improvement over that junk!

  • 10.1 lover

    Best tabket in the market but no support on accessories here. Reviews were all wrong. Never knew how a great stylus helps . Whatever the case, my folks dumping their ipads for this.

  • hold the setting button and the handwriting option is right there

  • egis

    the best tablet at all, if it only had better screen and 32M of storage it would be top of all tablets

  • andreas

    the added scroll bar in s note completely screwed up the program. now when placing the hand on the screen while writting it randomly zoom in and scrolls around, so it is impossible to take notes on it. i will have to reset the tablet!

  • chad

    Well i own the tablet and for the last couple of days its been giving me nothing but trouble. Even with the update. I am quite aware that samsung is new to the tablet market but honestly the device is missing some key fectures that make every day use simple. On top of that the main programs dont work properly i was highly disappointed about that. It freezes and sticks at the worste times and quite honestly i am fed up with it. The device is piece of shit and most definately i will be going back to my ipad . Lastly is there a trouble shooting number for samsung about this, i really would like to get some info about the isuess i am having. Before i sell the tab i would like to reassure people theses issues can be resolved with an update. But for me if i ever think about samsung tablets again it certainly wont be for another 5 years.

  • Minnie B

    Really, you should be shot for writing such a poor article. You have clearly never even seen the Note 10.1 and what it’s capable of. I was once an ipad owner and trust me, the Note is so much more feature packed and so much more stable and so much faster, there is absolutely no ground for comparison. It is by far the best tablet around and the S pen has totally revolutionised my daily browsing experience. I no longer have to type anything – I can use my pen to scribble what I want to write or use voice recognition to dictate my password so I can check my email or text my friends while cooking dinner at the same time. I could even be watching a movie and browse the net and have a multiscreen feature going on the side and it still won’t even slowdown a bit. Taking minutes at meetings has become such a joy, even my colleagues have started swapping over. You should really do yourself favour, go out to the real world and get yourself this “unpleasant” device you speak of and see what an ass you just made of yourself…..

  • Jan

    I own the European version and I really like it, unfortunately then the YouTube update make it crash all the time.. Chrome browser crash now and then so I use the Samsung browser… it cannot play videos and use Bluetooth for the sound.. Samsung support cannot help and they jus told me that it might not get the JB update.. piece of shift but I still love it

  • Johanes

    Mine has pixel dots and lines blinking on the screen and many times during using any programs it hangs and needs to be reset quite often. Just update the software and it does not getting any better. I don’t know whether it’s the hardware or software, but I’m very disappointed with the QC.

  • Lagoon

    note 10.1 N8000 – fantastic tablet.
    Thing is i’m in New Caledonia (French pacific island) and i can’t download the 75MB update (s note bug fixes, 64go sd card compatibility, etc.)
    Would you know how to install this update manually?
    Thanks for your answers…