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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launched In US, Galaxy S3 Sales Skyrocket

A Samsung official was recently recently interviewed by CNet, and he detailed the company’s sale performances on the US market, and the results do sound great. This information was unveiled with the occasion of Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s debut on the US market, the Samsung phablet’s launch being opened by a Kanye West concert and an event full of celebrities.

Regarding Samsung’s shipping performances, Samsung Galaxy S3 enjoyed 4 weeks of great sales soon after the launch of iPhone 5. Samsung explains that the good sales are the result of the public’s disappointment to iPhone 5, therefore the customers quickly turned their attention to the new flagship smartphone.

Kevin Packingham Samsung chief product officer says he “was shocked” by the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales on the US market after the launch of the new iPhone. I am expecting for new records to fall in the Winter Holidays time frame, especially that Galaxy Note 2 is now available at the US carriers and Samsung Nexus 10 which will hit the stores in a couple of weeks.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is tighter than ever, with the South Korean company announcing quarterly profits of $7.4 billion while Apple posting a profit of $8.2 billion.

Samsung also boasts about 10 million Galaxy Note units sold in the first 9 months after the launch, but the South Korea-based company didn’t announce the first gen phablet’s sales for the US market. J. K. Shin, Samsung Mobile exec has huge expectations for Galaxy Note 2, announcing that 3 million units were sold three months after the launch.

The numbers are impressing for a phablet, but not for iPhone 5 which sold 5 million units in the first weekend after the official market debut.