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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 October release date rumored again, with UBP display

We’ve been talking lately about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now we come with even more rumors about it. Another Korean newspaper, MK Business News, says they have information about Samsung’s next phablet. According to them, the Glaaxy Note 2 will feature an UBP ( unbreakable plane display ), it will be thinner, and will come with a 12MP camera, a larger display and quad-core processor.

Until now some rumors said it will come with a flexible display and it seems like more insiders come with the same information.

It seems like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be released around the same time Apple is launching the iPhone 5, though they are not quite in a direct competition, considering the huge difference in sizes. We also believe that it will come with all the great features from the Galaxy S3, which could make it really successful. And out affirmations are based on the fact that Galaxy Note has had nearly 10 million sales already, being one of the most popular smartphones in the world.

Nowadays smartphone displays get bigger and bigger, though the Galaxy Note is too big for some, while others really love the combination between a tablet and smartphone. Hopefully Samsung will do a good job with their Galaxy Note 2 and the October release date is true.

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