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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 received Android 4.1.2 update in Canada with Multi Window support

The Android 4.1.2 update has been released a while back for the Galaxy Note 2 around the world, except Canada. Well today it seems to be their lucky day, as Samsung has just announced the update, which should be rolling out right now.

Unfortunately it’s pretty unclear which carriers will push the update right now, being known that they are the ones guilty for delaying the updates every time. This update to Android 4.1.2 brings all the goodies available to the other users, including Multi View.

Multi View allows you to open two apps at the same time in split-screen, which can prove to be really useful sometimes. And if two apps aren’t enough for you, you can even use Pop-up Video along with Multi Window, which actually makes 3 open apps at the same time.

The Android 4.1.2 update will also allow you to configure your notification toggles and also adds a new Driving Mode toggle. Personally I find this very useful, because there were way too many toggles and I always had to browse through them to find the ones I really need. And there are only 5 I ever use ( WiFi, GPS, Sound, S Beam, and Mobile Data ), which means the others are really useless for me.

While this is very good news, we were actually expecting Samsung to push updates sooner and were waiting for the Android 4.2 update on our beloved phablet, but there’s no news about that, unfortunately. Maybe Samsung wants to take us by surprise and they will update it directly to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie once it’s released, but I doubt we’ll see that in the next 6 months.

If you still didn’t receive the 4.1.2 update for your Galaxy Note 2 please let us know, along with your location, because we’re curious to see if there are other countries or carriers left.

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  • Faras

    I still not received update on note 2 in Pakistan

  • Gary

    Nothing yet, Rogers Canada

    • NoobN2

      I’m with Rogers, Note 2, and I’m a noob : ) Once update is available, where do I go to access? Please and thank you.

      • Gary

        Settings -> scroll down to the bottom, About Device -> Software Update

  • Puterfeller

    Still waiting on Verizon in US

  • bisco85

    nothing yet, mobilicity canada

    • unknown

      you all are probably better off staying where your at. There is no multi view in this update, your battery drains really bad, and there are problems with the UI whee it just shuts down and freezes multiple times for no apparent reason.

  • Glen Washburn

    Nothing yet in Florida, AT & T, had an update notification, it started running, then stopped, and nothing happened after that or changed, bummed out over this as the phone was sold as having split screen functionality

  • Robert

    Nothing for verizon in kansas

  • Jose

    Nothing yet on mine for T-Mobile in Chicago

  • Ibnu Khoiruli

    I’ve just got the update jelly bean 4.1.2 for my note 2! – Jakarta, Indonesia

  • theguru 8

    Got mine 4.1.2 ATT Michigan

  • kitty

    Note 2, Sprint, Los Angles USA- still on 4.1.1 🙁

  • still no update 🙁

    Carrier du.ae
    Dubai – UAE

  • Jesse

    Still waiting Carrier: Rogers. Saskatoon Canada.

  • Josh

    Us Cellular, Cedar Falls Iowa. Still on 4.1.1

  • noughty

    Lithuania. No update. Still on 4.1.1

  • bisco85

    still no update yet. mobilicity toronto canada
    it seems nothing is going to happen

  • Hey Nice Moustache

    I thought I got THE update a few minutes ago. Except it was a quick one, Note2 restarted with a minute of clicking the Update button. Wonder what that was since I’m still 4.1.1

    San Francisco, California, USA

  • carl

    Nothing yet.. cant wait though.
    Telus Canada

  • PT_PT

    Nothing for Portugal yet! SIII Recieved the update yestarday but note 2 nothing!

  • bisco85

    Wow still not yet? Mobility Toronto Canada.

  • GAPhair

    Still on 4.1.1 on Verizon, NH US

  • suheil

    I’m in kuwait now and this update didn’t reach yet 🙁

  • bisco85

    Does anyone know when they are avaliable in Canada?

  • Dan

    Still in 4.1.1 in the brazilian unlocked version

  • ghost

    It wasn’t available yesterday but it is today. AT&T Chicago

    • bisco85

      Did it auto updated?

  • I am runninh 4.1.2 and have been for over a week now. Just searched for update on my phone. It took about 30 min to update

  • Jacob

    Nothing yet. Bell Mobility, nova scotia.

  • Riju-Rr9

    Didn’t get the update. STILL!
    Carrier: Wind
    Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Phone: Note 2 =O

  • Andrew

    No update yet on my international version (GT-N7100) version on Rogers carrier from Toronto Ontario, Canada

  • soroosh

    No 4.1.2 for my note 2. Phoenix Arizona tmobil

  • Rogers 4.1.1

    Still nothing in Canada. Not very happy…

  • Roger

    No update for Canada yet! Thats not true!!! Still at 4.1.1 (Rogers).

  • antonycooper@rogers.com

    I live in St.thomas Onatrio just south of London, I am on bell and the firmware update is not here yet..

  • Rocel Cajusay

    I dont understand what this update is for, I’m currently running on android 4.1.1 on my Note 2 with t mobile. And the functions on 4.1.1 already includes multi view. So confused -_- I’m from San Diego btw.

  • MickeyTheDick

    This post is full of horses**t, the note 2 update is scheduled for release in February (Canada). Samsung said it themselves.

  • updateMe

    No update for the galaxy note 2, I’m from Toronto, Ontario.

  • John

    No update. Rogers, Burlington,ON. Called rogers in late Dec. Said it was a Samsung issue. They actually dialled and transferred me to Samsung. Samsung said it will be released in January. Still waiting. 12 hrs left in January.

  • hershee

    Still mo update here in quebec either. My carrier is bell.

  • pcw67427

    Verizon, S Fla., no 4.1.2 yetp

  • Chris Vagg

    Rogers in Toronto. Just got the 4.1.2 update this morning. Multi-view n is there and works well. The only complaint is only certain apps are supported with multi view… not all apps.

  • Note 2 owner

    this update my scrolling text messages really laggy. anyone else have this problem? im on bell.

  • Ryan HANNA

    Still haven’t received the 4.1.2 update with wind in Scarborough

  • Hamza Riaz

    No update for note 2 in Pakistan

    • Sheikh

      Hi bro. I im in Pakistan aswell. Same issue but I want to know some thing else regarding note 2. Im getting a shadow of black color… can I email you some where?


  • Hamza Riaz

    Any expected date for 4.1.2 for note 2 in Pakistan

  • Cat

    no 4.1.2 only 4.1.1 Verizon on Virginia