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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date rumored for October

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most highly anticipated Android devices, as nearly 10 million units of the original device were sold until now. Samsung has had a great success with the phablet and we are pretty sure a next-gen version is in the works, though nobody knows when it’s coming and what specs it will have.

There have been a lot of rumors lately about its release date and specs. Some said it will feature a flexible display, which has been presented by Samsung at CES 2012. The flexible display does exist, though we don’t know if Samsung can afford using it in an affordable device.

Other rumors have been talking about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is quite possible, considering it’s been already released. The camera should feature 12MP, though 8 are really enough, so we don’t know if they’re going to improve it, while they might improve the frontal one instead. Galaxy S3 comes with an 1.9M 720p HP frontal camera and they might use it on the Galaxy Note 2 too, making video calls much better.

It will most likely come with a quad-core processor, considering that all high-end devices now sport one. And some rumors say it will be even better than the one present on the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy Note 2 might be one of the first quad-core devices able to support 4G LTE and it might even come equipped with 4G LTE technology in Europe too, though coverage is very reduced here.

Today MK News, a Korean newspaper came with one more Galaxy Note 2 release date rumor. According to them, Samsung will release the phablet at IFA 2012, in Berlin, which is scheduled to begin on October 31st.

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