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Software Update for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Bring 4G LTE Support

Good news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners that have a contract with T-Mobile as the carrier has started to roll out a new software update that will make the devices to have support for the mobile operator’s future 4G LTE network. Also, T-Mobile has specified that by the end of March some of the regions covered by the new LTE service will go live.

This is a very good thing and it seems that the carrier has manged to keep its promise to deliver 4G LTE coverage to its subscribers. Until today the news about T-Mobile LTE plans was seen as just a rumor, despite some declarations made by the company, which have been rather unclear. It looks like T-Mobile is rushing thing up in order to make the 4G LTE coverage available by the time when it will make the BlackBerry Z10 available for purchase, specifically by the end of March.

As for the users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, they will be glad to hear that by installing this new software update they will enjoy the great speed a 4G LTE service has to offer, as well. While the LTE network is not available just yet, the timing is good because the carrier has plenty of time to roll out the upgrade to all of its customers who own a Galaxy Note 2. Sadly, the carrier hasn’t made any official statement about exactly what US regions will be covered by the 4G LTE network.

While we don’t know what areas will receive the T-Mobile LTE service first, it is more that clear that the carrier is planning to offer a wider coverage as possible because it fears that some of its customers may opt for another mobile operator which does offer LTE in the region they are living. This may be another reason why the company is pushing the software update for the Samsung Galaxy note right this moment.

T-Mobile’s expectations are pretty big as it wants to make the LTE service available for more than 200 million individuals, with the network further expanding in order to cover a big part of its current 3G coverage area. It seems that the carrier will provide a quality 4G LTE service because the early LTE speed tests are more than promising. According to the carrier, the service will provide up to 20 Mb download speed and 10 Mb when it comes to upload. Even though T-Mobile won’t be able to cover all regions, it still has its current HSPA+ 42 technology that offers decent speeds.

You should expect the software update for you Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to arrive soon, that in case you haven’t receive it already. If you did, you can tell us about it in the comments section below.