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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Release Date To Be September 4 at IFA Berlin

We’ve already known that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note 3 on September 4, at IFA Berlin. But it seems like they are also going to release the Samsung Gear, a smartwatch, on the same date.

Samsung Gear, codenamed GT-V700, ┬áis going to compete with Pebble, Sony Smartwatch and the other rumored smartwatches coming from numerous tech companies. We’ve already seen its patent application and it seems like it features a little display, two soft keys for back and menu, a physical power button, a USB port, a microphone and speaker. We don’t expect it to be a high-tech device, especially considering that it’s going to be connected to your smartphone, which supplies it with information.

Smartwatches are a trend nowadays, as everyone is trying to release wearable computers. Being it a smartwatch or Google Glass, its intention is to help you read the notifications easier, without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket. Considering it features a speaker and microphone, we believe you’ll be even able to talk to it. IT could be used either as a phone or it could use the microphone for voice commands, which are also very popular nowadays.

At the moment the wearable computers market is pretty thin, but that’s probably due to the lack of these devices. But by next year we should see wearable devices made by most of the big tech companies and their marketing strategies will definitely make them more popular. Google Glass, for example, is currently in a close beta phase, available with invitation only, and it sold over 10,000 units. And we also have to take into consideration the price tag of $1,500, which is very high. The final product should be priced around $300, so we can just imagine how many more are going to buy it given those conditions.

Once smartwatches become popular, we’ll probably see apps designed especially for them, in order to help us ease our daily tasks and get our dose of information.

If SamMobile is right and the Samsung Gear release date is September 4, then we only have a couple of weeks to wait until we can get our hands on it.

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