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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Is Ahead Of IFA 2013, Galaxy Tab 3 Coming Berlin Tech Fair

There have been several rumors saying that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 3 later this year.

Yesterday, we also told you that three Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 handsets have been spotted in DNLA certificates. According to the that leaked information Samsung is getting ready for the mass production of two 10-inch new tablets, but also a 7-incher. Today, we have another report that suggests that the company might reveal several Galaxy products at IFA 2013, which will take place in Berlin, in September. It seems that among the products that will be launched at the event, there will be the Galaxy Note 3 and the galaxy Tab 3.

The report was published by the folks at Sam Mobile, who have a Samsung insider that provided some interesting facts about the matter, though the source didn’t offer any information about what kind of hardware it will be sported on the Galaxy Tab 3.

This would not be the first time when Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab at IFA, as the manufacture announced the first model at IFA 2010, while the Galaxy Tab 2 was revealed at lats years’s Mobile World Congress. It looks like with the launch of the Galaxy Tab 3, the company will not issue more software updates to its predecessors, and the second generation Galaxy Tab will remain with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, on the other hand, will also be unveiled at the Berlin 2013 event. Again, I must say that there is a good chance that this rumor could be accurate since the original Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2 have also seen the light of day a few days before IFA at a Samsung Unpacked event. So, we expect that the Galaxy Note 3 to be present at the Samsung booth within IFA Berlin 2013 tech fair, but its Samsung will unveil it at a separate event ahead of IFA.

Also, we heard that a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 mockup will be showed by Samsung officials to some AT&T reps at a meeting that will take place in Seoul.

Of course, there will be a lot more rumors until the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Tab 3 will be launched, so stay tuned.


  • emilyivory

    Sorry, but isn’t there someone who could have edited your story before you posted it? You could have at least used spell check. It really takes away from the article and makes you look less credible with your information.

    • Pinpointer

      thit as soo uncrediply domb!! sum dommy misspelin werds wot as they’re problam?…..
      Like Really….

  • Drake B

    I just want to note that I wish Samsung would add a detachable bluetooth ear phone on their phablets. One that is ready to use upon detachment and is placed within the contour shape on the side of the phablet body.

    It doesn’t need a lot of battery juice like the typical earphone because once you’re done talking with it, it will go right back on the phablet and be recharged. With regard to uncomfortableness on the ear usage this will get better during trial and error in the development stage or successive model issues or they could get it right the first time. And when competition kicks in you’ll see several awesome choices instead. There is only less time to feel uncomfortable with it if it ever. Another feature also is that you won’t look like a geek anymore.

    • Please don’t ruin my Note3 with unnecessary attachments. The s-pen is good enough. Just buy a separate Bluetooth and sure it will be compatible.

  • Kelly

    When will this be coming out?