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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Pack Unbreakable, Flexible OLED Panel, Says Report

A new day, a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 report, this time about its display. According to a South Korean online publication, the Galaxy Note 3 will come with a screen which is said to be unbreakable. If this is true then even the ham-handed users will have a smartphone without any cracks on its screen.

According to the publication, the new display development is still at its beginning, but when Samsung will finish the job the result will be a flexible OLDED screen that will be resistant to shocks, thus it won’t break when the user drops it.

However, the new OLED display won’t be similar to the standard glass one, but it will be made of a plastic material which is not specified yet. The plastic screen will be highly flexible, and its flexibility will make it capable of absorbing energy from impacts, and all the potential crack will be prevented when the Galaxy Note 3 hits a solid material. And what person doesn’t want a smartphone resistant to that kind of shocks? Also, a plastic screen gives the manufacturer the possibility to make it thinner than the conventional glass displays. Not only that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be thinner, but it will also weight less.

The reports also mentions some other specs of the Galaxy Note 3, suggesting that the display will have a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The size of the screen is also mentioned but I can’t tell you how big will the display be as I don’t know Korean and the translation is pretty confusing. There is a 5-inch display mentioned somewhere, but also a 6 -incher, which is more plausible.

According to the report, the company won’t start the mass production of the plastic OLED display until Q4 of 2013, and this is the thing that bugs me the most because the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is supposed to be released around the Berlin tech fair which takes place in September. Something is fishy here. Whether the Korean rumor is fake, or we should expect the Galaxy Note 3 launch sometime at the end of the year.

What’s your opinion about this “unbreakable” screen. Would you like a plastic display on the Galaxy Note 3?