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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Might Be the First of Its Kind to Ditch the Super AMOLED Display

I know that this week is all about the Galaxy S4, but this doesn’t mean that we have to ignore the rumors not involving Samsung’s newest flagship. Today, we heard that the company’s future phablet, the Galaxy Note 3, will have an LCD display instead of the AMOLED technology.

It looks like the South Korean company is not sure which display to implement on the Galaxy Note 3, and the representatives are planning to replace the AMOLED with an LCD one developed by Sharp, according to SamMobile. It would make sense because Samsung bought a part of Sharp not long ago in its interest for LCD panels. It looks like the styluses work better on LCD displays, and the company might be planning to improve the S Pen experience of the Galaxy Note 3 users.

This is not the first time when a rumor claims that Samsung would use an LCD display on one of its new products. As you remember, the Galaxy S4 was said to come with an LCD screen, but according to the latest reports, the S4 will sport a PHOLED display replacing the old AMOLED.

However, the Galaxy Note 8 does boast an LCD screen. Perhaps, the company is going to utilize LCD technology just for the bigger screens. A few days ago, we heard that the South Korean phone maker plans to release a 5.9-inch handset later in 2013. We assume that the device will actually be the Galaxy Note 3, even though we can’t confirm it.

As I said, Samsung purchased a stake in Sharp, and in the future we might see several new devices with LCD displays. Curiously, Sharp is also providing displays for Apple.

So, do you think that an LCD display will make the Galaxy Note 3 better, or you don’t use the S Pen that much anyway?

  • michaelsammler

    “It looks like the South Korean are not sure …” The South Korean what? company? Executives? People?
    “As I said, Samsung purchase a stake in Sharp…” You mean purchased?

    • Thank you for your feedback. We’ve fixed the mistakes and will do our best to avoid this in the future.

    • jason

      You mean ” douchebag” was missing? Or did they spell it wrong? I’m confused…..

  • Magnus100

    I hope the display is awesome, and has good sunlight legibility, whatever they use.

    I’m most interested in the S Pen working well.

  • Samsung73

    is the LCD technology better than AMOLED?

  • goutham

    just they want igzo technology in theyer note 3 so lcd a brilient move

  • hminney

    When did you learn to write and draw? Aged 2? When did you learn to use a keyboard? 9 or 10? Which is more intuitive? The S Pen is awesome (I use it to record interviews because i can concentrate on the person in front of me instead of the keyboard), but Samsung could do with improving performance in bright sunlight. What’s so difficult about putting a highly reflective surface behind the display so that bright sunlight makes the display even brighter?