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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to come with a curved and flexible display

Samsung has been recently given approval for a patent that could be featured in the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. Samsung’s new phablet might feature a curved and maybe flexible display, something we’ve been talking a lot lately.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be the first device to feature this kind of display, thought nothing is very clear yet. The device in the near photo seems to be supersized, getting us to think about the Galaxy Note 3, though we can’t know for sure. It’s also unclear if Samsung will be able to use this technology this year or if it will take them longer until they will manage to get it on the shelves.

The smartphone in the photo doesn’t seems to feature a physical button, while the display takes almost all of the front side, leaving space only for the speaker. If this is true, it means Samsung is going to embrace Android’s standard for on-screen buttons.

The Galaxy Note 3’s power button is now located on top of the device, along with the headphone jack, while the volume buttons are placed on the right side. This really makes me think if it’s really going to be the next flagship device, because phone makers like Samsung wouldn’t make so big changes, considering that their users got used to the usual button placement. Until now, Samsung smartphones had the power button on the right and volume buttons on the left, while on top there was only the audio jack. Thanks to Patent Bolt for the discovery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flexible Curved display

The back camera seems to have some kind of cover, though there’s no explanation for it and it might be something more complex than that. Hopefully Samsung will do something revolutionary with their Galaxy Note 3, as many phablet fans are awaiting for it and they don’t want another boring device.

Other rumored specs include an Exynos Octa processor, 5.9″ display, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP primary camera. The frontal camera might also be able to record 1080p videos too, while it should come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Also it seems like Samsung is going to change the materials too, using more robust ones. Thought I doubt that they will change the design or materials very much, considering that the Galaxy Note series have always followed the Galaxy S.

Personally I believe that their next Galaxy S5 will feature all those new technologies and Galaxy Note 3 will skip it. Fortunately time is passing and the Galaxy Note 3 release date is getting closer, which means we’ll find out pretty soon was Samsung has been preparing us.

How do you expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be ? Do you think it will be a revolutionary device with a flexible display ?

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