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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Have a New Design and Aluminium Body, Says Samsung Insider

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and most of the terminals of the Galaxy S family received a lot of criticism for the materials used for their chassis. While other phone manufacturer are trying to use premium materials for the cases of their smartphones Samsung is still one of the few to make plastic cases for their high-end devices.

Just take a look around on the smartphone market and you will see that, besides the Samsung Galaxy S3, most of the best-sellers have premium quality bodies: Apple is using aluminium for the iPhone 5, Sony and LG are using glass for the Xperia Z and Nexus 4, respectively, while HTC’s One, which is one of the most appreciated smartphones when it comes to design, bets on a unibody aluminium chassis.

But  it seems that the South Korea-based phone maker has big plans for this year, after has seen how many positive reviews the HTC One rival has received. According to a report by Sammobile, quoting a Samsung insider, the next Samsung high-end smartphone, namely Galaxy Note 3, will no longer come with a plastic body, as it will sport a metallic chassis (most likely aluminium) and it will depart from the design language of the Galaxy S4.

As you probably know, the members of the Galaxy Note tribe were usually bigger versions of the flagship smartphones introduced by Samsung that year. Therefore, the first Galaxy Note looked alike the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Note 2 was a reminiscent of last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3, so, naturally, everyone expected the Note 3 to look like a Samsung Galaxy S4 on steroids. Well, if the rumors are accurate, this won’t happen.

A couple of months ago a Samsung official has talked publicly about the company’s decision to use plastic for its high-end devices. Even though we might have expected a more complicated and pompous explanation, the answer is simple: it’s easier to manufacture and it can still allow access to the battery.

It seems that there are a lot of customers out there who want to be able replace their battery and, in this case, a plastic lid covering the battery slot would provide easy access to it. The Samsung insider didn’t mentioned whether the Galaxy Note 3 will come with a removable battery, but if the rumors are accurate and the next-gen Samsung phablet will indeed come with an aluminium body, then it will most likely have an unibody design and the battery will be embedded in the case.

The rumor mill has talks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 technical specifications. It seems that the new high-end smartphone will sport a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, while being underpinned by an Exynos 5 Octa chipset based on four Cortex A15 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz (for the tasks that require more processing power) and four Cortex A7 cores at 1.2 GHz (for the basic tasks), PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU and 2 GB of RAM.

The camera will probably be the same 13 megapixel unit that comes with the Galaxy S4, but we might also witness the debut of the S Orb feature, Samsung’s own version of 360 degree panorama shots. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might also be the company’s first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the new iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, which is expected to debut this May at Google I/O event.

Would you rather a plastic Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with removable battery, or a better looking aluminium body with non-removable battery? The comments section awaits you.

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  • MrMLK

    Plastic body, removable battery.

    But I will probably upgrade either way.

  • JJ

    I’d like to see a more premium material like a metal be used, but if the back isn’t removable I hope they make up for it with a strong battery. It would be interesting if they were the first to develop a metal body the has a removable back/battery. It would certainly give them an edge over competition.

    • steve james

      The OG droid was metal with a removable battery & SD card.

  • i’d like to have 2 front speaker .. on the back its ok, just let it have 2 stereo speaker.. 4 GB LPDDR3 maybe? 4000+ mAH battery, and if its possible using flexible display like the one that showed at CES early 2013.. =D
    using exynos5 that support LTE
    more premium look of course.. the design different from its predecessor.. new fresh look..

  • Varrick

    Plastic with removable battery. Besides users end up getting cover/case with their metal or non metal device. Unlikethe metal devices i.e. Iphone and HTC1 you cant replace the battery.

  • jonathan hernandez

    people who b***ched about the plastic body are retarded. if Samsung goes with a metal chassis you not only lose out on a removable battery but also expandable memory (sd card). now you will have no choice but to pay extra in order to get the phone with a larger memory. and all the people that complained about the plastic feel and how they wanted a more premium feel to it are just going to cover it in a case anyways. people are just stupid, and Samsung is stupid for listening to these idiots. then again, I’ll be no different because rather than protest against this i’m still going to buy the note 3, i’ll just have to pay a hell of a lot more due to those retards that were complaining. oh well.

    • I find HTC one ugly.
      s3, s4, note2 are very nicely designed products and still commands plenty of following.

      These people who keep on raising plastic issue are those who have no money to buy.

      They just need some attention.

      They are the latest batch of people diagnosed with ADHD syndrome.

  • Mahen

    If Samsung goes the way of experia z or HTC then I will have to say goodbye to this Company. I believe in removable batteries and I charge my batteries outside of the product. NEVER INSIDE THE MACHINE…Once I say goodbye to Samsung phones I will look to stick it out with Note and Note 2 for as long as possible and after that I will buy from the Chinese manufacturers…I am sure they wont let me down….So if Samsung cares about the likes of me then I would expect a smart phone with a removable battery…and can I say that the Mega sounds like a bit of a compromise….why not a top notch Note 3. ???.

  • beto_nl

    I prefer a million times a phone with plastc chassis but with a removable/replaceable battery. then a metal one without it

  • Sherwin Maxawow

    I don’t know why it would be so hard for them to build it with aluminum and yet still be able to remove the back of it to replace the battery + upgrade the SD card.

    Also I think its a mistake for them be changing the design as I’ve been hearing might be the case for the Note 3…..that is unless it happens to be something extremely innovative, and ultimately more intelligent than before.
    but when people grow accustom to to having things a certain way that works effectively, its best to stick with what the consumer is most familiar with, having grown to know & eventually love it like a friend. But of course always improving what you already know by increasing the screen’s “SIZE” and its clarity or resolution, as well as boosting it sperformance with more powerful CPU’s and more memory etc. but just don’t go changing the basic design or the customers lose their sense of familiarity, and have to start all over again developing a new relationship to this new technological friend. It takes the average person a lot of time developing a psychological connection to something is complex as a Galaxy Note smartphone. That’s why it’s best to stick with what people have already grown accustomed to as much as possible in its overall design and improve on it rather than changing it around and mixing everybody up! The modern world already has plenty
    Its like learning a system, like a language……which takes time to get to know until it becomes second nature. but then

  • Bikeypikey

    I recently switched out from a Nokia X7 which was unibody stainless steel. I carried it in a leather pouch and it had a great feel and the non-removable battery was not an issue. It’d last a full day and besides, with just about all phones coming with a micro USB port, how often is it that you are truly far away from a charging facility such as mains power or a PC? Anodized aluminium in different colours, front speakers and a big battery is the way to go for me.

  • Southern Beau

    I dont see what the big deal is about the metal more durable chassis. Most of your high $$ smart phones are in cases, otter boxes, screen protectors, etc. anyway to protect the phone. When you purchase a premium smartphone your going to spend the $$$$$ to purchase a good case that’s going to protect your investment. The only reason to make a durable metal chassis is to protect the phone, if you have a good quality case there’s no reason for the extra cost of the metal chassis. People are still going to purchase protector cases and stick their metal chassis premium Samsung phone in a case anyways. The nice shiny, durable, metal look that they want so bad will be covered in a case anyways defeating the purpose of having a beautiful, hefty, meaty phone to look at. I have a HTC Evo 4G LTE and I have it enclosed in a otter box with a zagg screen shield, and it’s looks just as new today as when I got it last summer. I’ve dropped it out of the car numerous times, fell from a 12′ ladder and it still looks and works like new. If it was enshrined in aluminum wouldn’t have made the least amount of difference the phone would still be protected because of the case NOT the aluminum casing. I’m due for a upgrade the first of the year and regardless of what Samsung decides I’ll be purchasing a Note 3.

    • plasticVSglassWHOwins

      I’m in the phone industry and I’d have to say that 9 out of 10 customers, doesn’t matter the phone, has it IN a case…yes, IN a case! iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy, whatevers…you spend $500 on a phone and you want to resell it at a premium price. Not, spend $500 on a phone, ding it up and sell it for $200 or less later.

      Until they actually make the “unbreakable glass” phones, I’m pretty sure that the 9 out of 10 will still remain the same.

      So, all this talk about glass case, alum case, plastic case is kind of stupid when those people who are bit*hing about the plastic being bad, most likely has it in a case, LOL!

  • RSS3

    Get real! A plastic body is more resilient than a metal body. I accidently ran over my Epic with my John Deere tractor and if it had a metal body it would have been flattened. The plastic body cushioned it enough that I am still using it today while I await the 32 gig S4 or the new note 3. I’ll be getting one of them for sure but not a metal bodied phone with a built in battery.

  • ArchAngel_7

    The Battery that came in my Note I717 was substandard and I replaced it within days of purchase. If they make the battery integrated it had better be the best available. Also the lack of a memory card slot will be very disappointing. These are some of their biggest advantages over Apple and without them only the large 6″ screen will set it apart.

  • gematrix

    Why can’t they have a metal body with removable battery? Why must it be either this or that? If nokia n95 can have a full metal body with a removable battery, why can’t they also do with future samsung phone. They could maybe make a thinner aluminium back cover which is 3/4 body slide leaving the top part camera in position, but full metal back as well..just suggesting?!?!