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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Zerolemon Shockproof Case with 10,000 mAh Extended Battery Available on Amazon at $59.99

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday you might want to also grab a case for your device, as Zerolemon’s Galaxy Note 3 case is now available for purchase on Amazon. Well, the Zerolemon case is no fancy accessory, but it packs huge battery that will drastically improve your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery life.

The Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rugged case is both shock and dust proof and, on top of that, it brings a massive 10,000 mAh battery and a Screen Protector Hybrid Cover. Of course, your Galaxy Note 3 will become even bigger afterwards, but it’s a price worth paying for a 10,000 mAh battery.

The case also brings a holster kickstand that offers “7 viewing angles for the phone” and protective tabs for the audio jack, microUSB, and S-Pen slots. Because the Zerolemon Galaxy Note 3 case is pretty thick the NFC in the regular battery is blocked. Fortunately, the case has a NFC chip of its own, therefore you shouldn’t worry about that functionality.

According to the Amazon listing, the aforementioned case is compatible with all the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variants, whether powered by a regular battery or any other size battery, also mentioning that it “offers 3 layers of protection.”

The Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case is now in stock at Amazon and it costs $59.99, shipping in 3-4 days. Furthermore, you will get 180 days Zero Lemon Guarantee Warranty with Amazon 30 days full refund guarantee. If you want to purchase the Zerolemon case from Amazon you can use the link below:

Order Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Amazon – $59.99

Do you plan on purchasing the shockproof case with 10,000 mAh extended battery for your Galaxy Note 3?

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