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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: What to Expect

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 3 in September 2013, and even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is more than half a year away, there’s no doubt that the Korean company is readying a successor for the high-end phablet. Of course, there’s no official information about the Galaxy Note 3 successor (maybe except for the fact that it will be called Galaxy Note 4), but this doesn’t mean that we don’t know what to expect.

Back, in September, when the Galaxy Note 3 was introduced, Sammy’s 2013 high-end phablet came to replace the highly-appreciated Galaxy Note 2, one of the devices that made the phablet segment so popular. In fact, the phablets are no longer a niche product, and they had become so popular that, if it is to believe the rumors, Apple is also working on a 5.5-inch iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was better than the Galaxy Note 2 in almost every single way: faster processor, better screen, higher-quality camera, and improved S Pen and software experience. The Note 3 is slimmer than its predecessor and it has a premium design, too. That’s what we are expecting for the Galaxy Note 4.

Even though it’s only January, the folks at Samsung already tipped that the Galaxy Note 4 is on the way. The rumor mill speculates that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date has been set for this fall, while other speculations suggest that the Galaxy Note 3 follow-up will come with a three-sided display.

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are already making the headlines, even though the smartphone’s release date is more than half a year ago, and we are sure that they will intensify as the launch will get closer. The first concrete details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should begin to emerge in the second half of the summer, when the first leaked photos and benchmark scores should start to hit the web.

Not long ago, a Samsung representative said that the Galaxy Note 4 release date could be this fall and that the phablet will arrive with new Samsung wearables. While the Galaxy Gear 2 might see the light of day synchronized with the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S5, a different type of wearable device might be launched along with the Galaxy Note 4.

It looks like the Korean phone maker is sticking its usual release pattern in 2014. After it was confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will be released in March – April time frame, now we hear that the Note 4 will see the light of day in the fall, giving Samsung the opportunity to compete against Apple’s iPhone 6. While the Galaxy S5 will dominate the market from April until September (when the iPhone 6 is expected to debut), the Galaxy Note 4 will help Samsung bite a chunk of iPhone 6’s market share.

Summing up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely be introduced at IFA Berlin 2014, a German-based event that will open its gates for the public on September 5th.

Sources in the industry say that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a completely different design and that it will be available with both plastic and metal bodies. Will Samsung have a similar approach for the Galaxy Note 4? We can’t know for sure, yet, but we are confident that we’ll no longer see the faux-leather back of the Note 3, as it didn’t manage to impress critics.

One thing is sure, though. If the Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed arrive with a metal case, like the rumors suggest, then we will definitely see a metal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the fall.

Also, expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with a different screen unit than the one fitted last year on the Galaxy Note 3: 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED. It was already reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a three-sided display. We don’t know yet how the three-sided display looks like, but we believe that it’s similar to the Samsung YOUM concept showcased at CES 2013. QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) is also in cards. AMOLED technology? Most likely.

As you probably know, Samsung introduced a Note 3-like smartphone with┬áSuper Flexible AMOLED curved screen. It can’t be just a coincidence. Samsung wanted to see how the public reacts to curved smartphones, and the Galaxy Round was some kind of lab rat.

We will definitely see new software pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 4, different from the one of the Galaxy Note 3 and the one that will debut on the Galaxy S5. It’s too early to anticipate what software features will be introduced in the TouchWiz version running on the Galaxy Note 4, but there will most likely be even more S Pen-optimized features and some new gesture controlls.

Samsung is constantly improving the camera modules fitted on the back of their flagship smartphones, and so will happen with Galaxy Note 4’s shooter. It’s known that Samsung is currently working on a 16 MP ISOCELL camera module and that it might come with optical image stabilization. It was reported that even though the Galaxy S5 will not feature an OIS module (because Samsung can’t manufacture enough until April), but that optical image stabilization will make it to the Galaxy Note 4.

A recent report coming from a Taiwanese source said that both Samsung and LG will integrate fingerprint sensors on their high-end smartphones of 2014. Other reports indicated that both the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 will come with iris scanning technology. When asked about the iris scanners being integrated in the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, a Samsung representative said that the company is “looking into the possibility.”

What about Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s availability? Just like its predecessors, the next-gen Galaxy Note phablet will be available for purchase on all major US carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon. Samsung will want their phablet to have a high degree of penetration on the US market, especially now that the iPhone is sold through T-Mobile and US Cellular, too.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely be higher than the one of the Galaxy S5 (which will reportedly come at $199 on-contract). Last year, the Galaxy Note 3 debuted at $299 with a two-year contract, and that’s what you should expect for the Galaxy Note 4.

What are your expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Are there any particular features that interest you? Please let us know in comments.

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