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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Feature Flexible Display and Premium Variant

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is due to be released this fall and the rumors don’t stop flowing around. Now we’re hearing that it might come with a flexible display, along with a premium variant that should feature a metal build.

The Galaxy Note 4’s release date is expected to be in October, this year, and it might be announced at IFA Berlin.

According to the Korean publication ETNews, Samsung might finally use their flexible display in a flagship smartphone, though we aren’t very sure what that means for the moment. We don’t expect the Galaxy Note 4 to be flexible, but it might come with a three-sided Youm display, just like it has been previously reported.

Samsung isn’t doing very well lately, as sales have been going down and their profits fell 24% year over year, which means the company is struggling to bring something revolutionary in order to convince customers to upgrade more often.

A flexible display would definitely attract a lot of new customers and the metal build could make people pay more for a premium smartphone.

Currently we don’t have many information about this and we can’t even be sure if the rumors are true, but we expect Samsung to come with something new this year, as the smartphone market is shrinking due to the lack of innovations. Another problem for Samsung is the competition, which releases better and better smartphones, like the LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, and the HTC One M8.

We are still investigating this story and we will let you know once we manage to find out more about the Galaxy Note 4. We work closely with our insiders and we expect to report some exclusive news about the Galaxy Note 4 very soon, as Samsung will start testing the device in the near future.

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