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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaks Again Ahead of MWC 2013 Debut

A new version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be put on sale in South Korea. There isn’t anything new about the tablet except its red color. But this is not the most important thing right now as other matters concerns us. The thing is that Samsung inserted an image of another announced device in its own press images by accident. As you can see above the article, the image features a chef with some sort of deserts in his hands. But that’s not the interesting part. More interesting is the handset behind his head. We know how the Galaxy Note 10.1 looks like, so it’s obvious it’s not that.

If we look back, for the past couple of weeks a few images surfaced the web which reportedly featured the Galaxy Note 8.0. At first glance, the images seemed to be fake because the tablet had the same appearance as the Samsung Galaxy S3, only bigger in size. The funny thing is that those photos were actually the real deal, as the same deviceĀ appears behind this smiley-faced chef. So, this new leak comes as some kind of confirmation for previous reports.

The question is if Samsung has inserted the image intentionally, or this really is just a mistake from the marketing department of the company. If so, somebody will probably get fired tomorrow, but thanks anyway. However, Samsung a company that hires only professionals, so a mistake of this proportion is doubtful. Offering an image of the Galaxy Note 8 “by accident” is probably just a marketing strategy that has a single goal, to get more attention from the audience, as the Mobile World Congress is on its way (it will take place in Barcelona at the end of the month).

As for the tablet itself, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a pretty odd appearance, if you ask me. It’s like looking at the Galaxy S3 with a magnifying glass. Anyway, at least we know what to expect from Samsung when MWC comes. Surely, you’ll be among the first to know if something else happens until then.

The sure thing is that the company won’t unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the event, with reports saying that the new flagship is scheduled for a release in March. I wonder if Samsung will offer something else at MWC, besides this funny-looking tablet.